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Cryptokami is a Decentralized Reserve System that is similar to the US Fed reserve system controlling the flow of dollars through the use of Commercial banks, but its technology deals with blockchain and cryptocurrency. CryptoKami was bound to make a third-age blockchain structure with the mission of giving a natural group establishment to outsider budgetary applications and end-clients. This environment makes a genuine, rich, and capable use for its crypto, the KAMI token. CryptoKami discharges and manages KAMI tokens through outsider money related applications that work on it, working also to the US Federal Reserve (FED) directing the dollar coursing through trade banks. At the point when KAMI tokens are put into utilization and dissemination will be ensured against bits of gossip and governments’ approaches and laws. The stream of KAMI tokens will be naturally directed with the goal that the supply development rate is dependably slower than the request development rate, which completely applies the free market activity run to influence money related esteem. This is the self-growth engine of KAMI token to guarantee a long haul maintainable development situation that is less powerless against advertise bits of gossip, controls, strategies, and direction by governments. CryptoKami’s innovation for end-clients, outsiders, and whatever remains of the world use the qualities and shortcomings of existing blockchain frameworks to the market. The digital money showcase is presently in the beginning time and resembles the wild-west industry, winding up less helpless, making a more maintainable improvement, and ending up more prosperous.

The CryptoKami platform resembles the Ethereum stage yet is expected for use by outsiders in the money related division. Money related administrations associations dispatch their ICOs and work in view of the open source Cardano with two CryptoKami’s innovations made third-age POS blockchain named CryptoKami with its KAMI tokens. CryptoKami issues and controls the aggregate number of KAMI tokens ( is restricted to 210 million) under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism in light of the Comreme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract, so it is a third-age foundation blockchain for money related outsiders and end clients.

CryptoKami will be the FED of the crypto-currency world.”


Don’t regulate blockchain, but regulate through blockchain”

Open-source Cardano (Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm) + compulsory reserve mechanism + Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) + Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) = 3rd-generation blockchain infrastructure of CryptoKami.


▪Build and run "blue-chip" coins futures contract exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
▪Build and run cross-chain crypto exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
▪Build and run banking services under a compulsory reserve mechanism
-Crypto deposits
-Crypto repo credit
-Cross-chain payment
-Crypto-fiat payment

For end users.
▪Invest in CryptoKami’s ICO under a compulsory reserve mechanism
▪Invest in the next financial third party that launches an ICO on CryptoKami_Trade on CryptoKami’s "Blue-Chip" Coins Futures Contract Exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism.
Trade on CryptoKami’s Cross Chain Crypto Exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism Staking.

CryptoKami’s banking services under a compulsory reserve mechanism.
-Crypto deposits
-Crypto repo credit
-Cross-chain payment
-Crypto-fiat payment

Star ICO : february 2018
• Coin type : Standalone Blockchain Token
• Coin name : KAMI token
• Technology : Proof of Stake Blockchain based on Cardano
• Standard : third-generation blockchain
• Total Controlled supply : 210,000,000 KAMI
• Crowdsale ​​Token : 45,000,000 KAMI

KAMI Tokens can be stored on :
• PC Wallet: Window, Linux, Mac
• E-wallet:
• Mobile Wallet: Android app, iOS App


The Compulsory Reserve Mechanism is based on the Comereme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract.This mechanism allows regulating the SUPPLY and DEMAND for KAMI tokens and effectively protects the next third-party financial ICOs on CryptoKami as well as investors,traders, holders,banking service users.This mechanism will increase the demand for KAMI tokens while the suply number in use of KAMI tokens is decreases due to the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism.This mechanism ensures self growth sustainability for the value of KAMI tokens in the short medium and long term.


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