COTI is a digital ecosystem and a digital currency that is built for payments. It is basically the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and reliable way to pay.

The COTI payment network is designed to take over where traditional payment systems left off, namely with instantaneous transfers, low-to-zero fees and cost effective buyer-seller protections. This will be a major advantage for consumers and merchants alike as compared to traditional banking, credit cards and P2P platforms as stated by COTI. COTI also introduces novel protocols to address disputes that may arise when sending transactions, a much required feature which is not possible with other cryptocurrencies.


COTI’s vision is to build a decentralized and scalable payments network to facilitate efficient global commerce. This will set the standard for a next generation payment solution that is trust-driven, instant, cost-effective and supportive of a multi-currency wallet. By reconciling cutting edge distributed ledger technologies with the best of traditional payment solutions, COTI will be poised to spearhead the mass adoption of digital currencies in the mobile era. COTI mission to build a flawless and affordable e-Commerce industry, Coti solution aims to connect merchants and customers that use digital currencies, which currently has a $300 billion market cap. Coti can process tens-of-thousands of transactions per second, bringing their scalability to the same level as Visa.


A new approach of the Trust Protocol is used in this payment system for building trust between transacting parties.

Based on the behaviors of buyers and sellers over a period of time, this protocol systematically scores the trustworthiness between them.

A seller with a less-than-ideal record pays higher fees while a seller with a flawless reputation pays zero processing fees.

A decentralized system is also featured in this protocol and it efficiently reaches consensus on disputes using mediators.

The mediators are rewarded with XCT just as Bitcoin miners receive Bitcoin for their mining efforts.

COTI wants to change the way we pay. By utilizing a technology called Direct Acylyc Graph (DAG), COTI can provide faster transaction with zero fees for buyers and low to zero fees for sellers. It is time to fix the current payment system and make it more human. COTI aims to revolutionised the way consumers and merchants connect, share and pay. It aims to build countless bridges for many payment applications.


COTI combines the best of traditional payments systems with the best of blockchain technologies to offer the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most trusted way to pay. A directed acyclic graph (DAG), is a finite directed graph with no directed cycles. DAG is like “Blockchain 3.0”. In the current Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain system, many transactions are mined into blocks and the transaction sequence is maintained by the prehashes between blocks. But DAG is able to combine blocks and transactions together to make every transaction directly involved in maintaining the sequences. After the transaction is placed, we can skip the process of mining. This makes it more efficient. The goal is to keep the network width within a certain range that can support quick transaction validation.

One of the components of the COTI platform is the Trust Scoring Engine: The key source of friction in commerce today is the lack of reliable metrics pertaining to the trustworthiness of buyers and sellers. This undermines confidence and reduces the chances of potential transactions, especially in case of cross border payments.

To solve this problem COTI has devised a Trust Score mechanism. The algorithm analyzes user data, behavior and payment statistics to devise a Trust score which acts as a metric for the payment system. Higher your Trust score, zero to lower will be the transaction fees. Lower your Trust score, more you will have to pay (comparatively) for your transaction.

Online credit card transactions are risky and susceptible to fraud. But with COTI Trust Score we can avoid fraud in a simple and efficient way. COTI is calculating trust scores using a unique machine-learning algorithm. Trust is used in the Trust Chain Algorithm to validate and confirm transactions faster. Trust Chains grow as new transactions attach to two prior transactions that have similar degrees of trust. This results in an innovative consensus-based confirmation mechanism, in which every user is incentivised to have a high level of trust while engaging in trust-building behaviour due to the benefits associated with having a high level of trust.

With Trust Score, the consumers now have power in any transaction with any merchant. Trust is central to cultural ideas of decentralization.


Token Sale: 15 Jun — 1 Jul .

Ticker: COTI .

Token type: ERC20 .

Fundraising Goal: 30,000,000 USD .

Available for Token Sale: 30%

Token: COTI (ERC 20)

· Price: 1 COTI = $0.1 USD

· Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR

· Maximum coins: 2 billion (plus an additional 2 billion in reserve)

· Available for public sale: 600 million.

· Sale starts: 15th June 2018

· Ends: 1st July 2018


Few of the major problems that COTI solves are:

COTI requires zero fees for payment transactions to be completed and verified. Banks and cryptocurrency transfers usually involves a hefty transactional sum to be deducted for every payment on the system.

Traditional payment methods and Bitcoin payment is way too slow for the modern era. Paypal takes days, Bitcoin takes hours to verify a transaction. COTI transfers happen instantaneously.

The COTI payment method is trust generative, thereby minimizing the chances of fraud on the system.



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