CargoCoin Project Overview

The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. Numerous supporters, investors from different field of professions and businesses around the world have embraced new technological innovation which has helped reshape the world. One firm at the forefront of this innovation is CARGOCOIN which is the exceptional decentralized platform, designed as a smart contract, to offer a worldwide marketplace environment and utilities for trading activities, transport, exchange of documents and payment options at cost-efficient rate.

Cargocoin is a decentralized platform, designed as a smart contract, to offer a worldwide marketplace environment and utilities for trading activities, transport, exchange of documents and payment options at cost-efficient rate.
The overall aim of the CargoCoin platform is to optimize interactions within the international trade industry. Such interactions include those between traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents, and various other groups that are involved in the process of international trade and transport of cargoes.

The CargoCoin team, lead by Founders Bogomil Alexandrov and Martin Iliev, identified staggered levels of antiquity in the industry. Examples include unrefined systems for the management of Bills of Lading and Letters of Credit. They felt the use of blockchain could greatly improve the efficiencies of these systems.

The full scale scope of the project extends to all transport areas — shipping industry (containers, bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk), inland transportation (trucks, railways), air cargo (transportation by planes, drones, etc.), other types of transportation, including, but not limited to: pipeline transport, space cargo, intercity and outer city shared rides.

Transport Platform:

Dedicated platforms for the different types of transport in development will be interconnected, allowing for infinite transportation functionality. The objective is the creation of synergy between the commodities & cargo traders with all transport means on a global scale. The integration of all participants and tools delivers unique, one of a kind eco-system.

Smart Contracts:

CargoCoin utilizes the transport platform, as a secure transfer and storage method by the means of smart contracts, as well as a payment provider for transport services and cargoes. Fully unleashes the potential of crypto currencies to act as an interactive way of sending, receiving, approving, rejecting and signing documents through the process.

Unbeatable BENEFITS

CargoCoin will be able to optimize interactions in international trade for businesses by providing the highest-quality possible security, transparency, and accountability for businesses that use the CargoCoin platform.
Through the use of smart contracts, CargoCoin’s platform is designed to:

Minimize delays: CargoCoin will minimize delays by providing all parties involved with instant exchange review for approval of documents and payments. In traditional systems, delays are often caused due to obvious inefficiencies. Thanks to the blockchain, CargoCoin’s platform works 24/7. Unlike traditional systems, CargoCoin’s platform does not require human intervention to work. Simply reducing these delays will add massive value to the industry, as payment delays alone cost businesses approximately $19 billion per year.

Increase trust: CargoCoin uses the public Ethereum blockchain for its platform. This allows for complete security for businesses. Ethereum is a proven and trusted technology. Because of this, Ethereum guarantees the maximum possible security for its users, and that includes businesses that use CargoCoin as well.

Reduce fraud: CargoCoin minimizes the possibility of fraud by providing a wide new range of accountability and transparency, thanks to the immutability and high level of trust of the blockchain

Lower costs: CargoCoin will significantly lower costs for businesses by simplifying the fee structure. With CargoCoin, Businesses won’t have to worry about hidden fees from banks, brokers, and insurers. All fees are completely transparent, so businesses know that they’re being given a fair price.
Furthermore, the CargoCoin platform has been developed to be very dynamic and modular so that businesses looking to utilize the service can mix and match the various tools offered to fit their exact business needs.

The CargoCoin ICO is currently active and investors are eagerly joining the sale. Join now and participate in the effort to revolutionize global trade and transport through decentralization.

Why is CargoCoin needed?

The sheer size of the transportation industry is immense. The global value of seaborne trade is over $12 million. The value of freight rates in 2018 was $380 billion. Unfortunately although the transportation industry is one of the largest (if not the largest) industries in the world, there still have not been that many technological advances within the shipping industry in the last several decades. CargoCoin is a revolutionary technological improvement for the shipping industry

Although unbelievable, this is completely true: original documents are still delivered using a courier. The fact that these documents are delivered by courier in the 21st century is absolutely ridiculous! You don’t need a genius to understand that. That takes up a massive amount of time and money for a business, when that time and money could be more efficiently used elsewhere.

Businesses have also faced situations where payments for transportation have been delayed by banks. These bank delays are caused by major inefficiencies within the banking institutions. Deliveries can take weeks before they first begin their journey. These delays and excessive delivery times can lead to unexpected opportunity costs for a business. The CargoCoin platform removes these inefficiencies with blockchain technology.


CargoCoin is built on the recent ERC223 token standard that possesses major improvements in the token standard. The token standard allows for more advanced, exact and global handling of smart contracts the project demands of, and at the same time avoiding the token disaster. Cargocoin possesses of 2 cores (SERVICES & UTILITIES).

  • SERVICES: are free of charges and they are developed to create a global marketplace for trade and transport have a major aim of a base with wide users.
  • UTILITIES: will make the use of CargoCoins to generate demand. The high demand for CargoCoin and appreciation of its value is the priority aim of the initial coin offering (ICO).

CRGO Tokens - Token Sale and ICO Details

CRGO Tokens is a valuable digital asset, which will be used on CargoCoin platform and at the biggest crypto currency markets. With the help of ICO CargoCoin plans to attract the investment resources at a wide range. As suppose, the token sale will be interesting for the owners of digital assets, who would like to transfer them into the more secured investment tool and not to tremble anytime they hear the news about the possible Bitcoin rate falling.

CRGO token will be based on the newest ERC223 token standard as it will be available in the very near future, which has major improvements compared to the ERC20 token standard. The ERC223 allows for more advanced, precise and universal handling of smart contracts, required for the project, while at the same time avoiding potential token traps. The issued tokens will fully act as smart contracts programmed in Solidity and available as open source for everyone to review and inspect the code, thus serving all purposes of the project simultaneously.

Token Details:

Token: CargoCoin
Price: 1 CRGO = 1 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Minimum investment: 50 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 55,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC: KYC

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