BIZpaye - The Real World Retail Marketplace For The Blockchain

Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency markets have seen significant and unprecedented growth, with investors in the space earning huge profits. One major drawback, however, is that trading cryptocurrencies is a bit complicated and the recent influx of new projects into the market is quite overwhelming. As a result, investors that do not have the time, resources or expertise to do exhaustive research may end up making snap judgements and losing money. As such, it has become particularly important for investors to be cautious while making investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general. This is because a large proportion of investors lack the knowledge to dissect projects, analyse teams or even to ascertain the authenticity of the claims made in the white paper. More so, even if these investors have the knowledge and expertise to analyse and make risk assessment for blockchain projects they may lack the time, resources, and in depth research required to make informed decision. On the other hand, there are multiple genuine cryptocurrencies and ICO projects that have viable products, and world class teams that have the ability to execute the vision and deliver revolutionary solutions within the space and this is where BIZpaye fits in as they have developed a revolutionary token currency which will become part of the BIZpaye International Group of Companies, an established multi-transactional B2B & B2C Online and offline retail Marketplace whose active Merchants and customers trade millions of dollars every year.



BIZpaye CRYPTO Token currency will become part of the BIZpaye International Group of Companies, an established multi-transactional B2B & B2C Online and offline retail Marketplace whose active Merchants and customers trade millions of dollars every year.
BIZpaye CRYTPO is a Singapore group of International Group of Companies that is been develop for multi-value-based B2B and B2C Merchant Marketplace both for offline and online retail marketplace by building a friendly Franchised Operations which cut across twelve countries over the global which is target to meet the needs of everyone globally for online shopping of goods and services, the BIZpaye CRYTPO Member Merchants now full access to exchange a large number of dollars by means of the BIZpaye framework consistently without any obstacle . The BIZpaye CRYTPO have been operation for the past five years with notable impact on her countries of operation making lifes more convenient for everyone with it robust technology which is built on the state of the art facility.

The Mission and Vision

BIZpaye mission is to deliver fl exible and more convenient ways to transact across all borders, while providing complete transparency and low fees to a global audience within its own ecosystem. The BIZpaye team aims to off er ways to liquidize idle and spare capacity for small and medium sized enterprises and help them generate more revenue and provide a leaner business model.

Transactional systems

For many years BIZpaye has been working closely with our technology partners, such as Global Exchange Trading Systems, Bartervana, Runasis and more to tailor existing platforms into workable systems that will allow BIZpaye Merchants to transact and trade to the unique ways in which BIZpaye has been design from the ground up. These transactional systems include Merchant front ends and rear end Customer Relationship Management platforms designed to stimulate and enhance potential trading and transactions of Merchants.


Working in conjunction with our technology partners such as Global Exchange Trading Systems, Bartervana, Runasis and more, the aim has always been to keep BIZpaye on the forefront of technology within the industry using traditional offl ine and online platforms and systems to help develop and grow transactions and trading alike. With the advent of BIZpaye moving towards the Blockchain, we see the opportunities to enhance both our Merchant experience and transactional systems as being almost endless, more secure and more transparent as a result of Blockchain technology adaptation.

Franchise systems

BIZpaye prides itself in the fact that leading into the offi cial launch of BIZpaye 5 years ago, more than 1 year prior to this, work began on the development of various resources and systems designed to support our Franchise Partners grow the BIZpaye network worldwide. From Franchise Manuals, the system process and documents, training packages and more we developed and continued to be developed and enhanced to help Franchisee’s enter new markets and grow existing markets.


As Technology grows via the Blockchain, so will the new and enhanced sets of guidelines, procedures and training evolve off ering both Merchants and BIZpaye staff access and understanding how this new Blockchain based technology will interact with the day to day BIZpaye environment.

BIZpaye CRYPTO and the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token will join the already established transactional business units of BIZpaye, including BIZpaye Corporate, BIZpaye Trade, BIZpaye Rewards, BIZpaye Licensee, BIZpaye Property and Radio BIZpaye.

BIZpaye’s main Merchant trading ecosystem known as BIZpaye Trade has been operating for many years now, similar to that of a credit card, but using a Barter Credit system. A Barter Credit is a localized non-fi at accounting unit of payment used to record the value of barter transactions.

Most Governments worldwide recognize Barter Credits as a form of payment for Tax. A Barter Credit is pegged against the local currency or origin in which it is transacted in and cannot be moved across borders or exchanged for other local barter credits.

The ecosystem comprises of the following

Members (as Buyers)

Members (as Sellers)

Fulfillment Resources

BIZpaye trade platform

BIZpaye CRYTPO wallets/decentralized database

Support Centers


Utmost transparency and simplicity of the platform that also allows merchants to give feedback after buying and selling of goods

Highly secure storage of user’s information and data which is done on the BIZpaye Barter Trade off blockchain

Ability of users to swap other tokens in their portfolio to the native token of the platform through BIZpaye token swap without any third party

Availability of BIZpaye credit card that is build with maximum security which allows you to use your crypto asset for performing multi-transactional B2B & B2C online and

Bonuses and rewards for members.

The Benefits of BIZpaye Token Swap

One of the great benefits of using BIZpaye crypto is that users of the Bizpaye marketplace will be able swap other tokens they possess on their portfolio which can be swap to the native token of the bizpaye crypto platform. Whether the Tokens value or not users to the platform can swap them easily without any security breach at their own comfort and this does not need help of a third party immediately after the swap has been made users will now be able to buy anything they intend to buy or sell on the BIZpaye Marketplace

Thanks to the team and the advisors who gave these directive to remove burden from crypto enthusiast in the crypto space. With BIZpaye CRYTPO to more worry on how to use your token again .

Therefore think of BIZpaye CRYTPO think of success in adoption of crypto asset.

Token Overview

Token Name: BIZpaye Crypto

Token Trading Symbol: CRYPTO

Token Type: ERC-20

Tokens Minted: 1,000,000,000

Token Decimals: 18

Tokens In Circulation: 44,810,560 (Last Report April 15, 2019)

Token Address: 0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a57A382d772903
















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