BetHash - A Revolutionary Betting platform powered by the decentralized EOS Network

The gaming industry is ripe for new changes in the way transactions are made, as well as the power that players have over their in-game currencies. The rise of blockchain technology can provide multiple solutions for the gaming industry, as it can offer gamers a more transparent and decentralized way to engage with games and in-game assets. According to some experts, blockchain technology will change the face of the gaming industry in the near future.

Many game developers are already adopting blockchain with the launch of new dApps, or decentralized applications that use blockchain technology in gaming. Apart from the growth of dApps, the gaming community can look forward to new ways of managing their digital assets in their favorite video games.

Over the past decade, the gaming industry has been revolutionized by various new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), all of which offer immersive gaming experiences. Blockchain technology is set to become the next big thing in the industry and may cause huge disruptions in the way developers and gamers interact and access their games and the digital assets attached to the games.
Though the future is bright for blockchain adoption in gaming, there are many challenges that developers must tackle before they are able to roll out new systems and new ways of gaming to the community. With this in mind BetHash has developed an exceptional platform that revolutionize the gaming world. The team has created a Fair Satoshi-style Decentralized Crypto Casino Built on EOS, use hash to draw winning numbers to guarantee absolute Fairness. It is an ecosystem for EOS casino where user can bet and earn long term reward for participating.

About BetHash is a Fair Satoshi-style Decentralized Crypto Casino Built on EOS, use hash to draw winning numbers to guarantee absolute Fairness. It is an ecosystem for EOS casino where user can bet and earn long term reward for participating.
BetHash gaming platform was built on EOS blockchain and players can stake games with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, HASH token and so on. Apart from building a suitable gaming platform, BetHash in other ways is promoting the adoption and utility of cryptocurrencies.

BetHash gaming platform as a lot of games available for players choice. In BetHash, you can find a dice game, find a baccarat game, Jacks games, and Blackjack game with many more.

The BetHash has been an exceptional gaming platform I have come across so far; it is so amazing that more than two hundred thousands (200,000) users have registered on the platform merely 24 hours after launching and more is still coming.

BetHash is not just a gaming platform; it is also a platform of making money because they offer a dividends to the users of the platform. The rate of return (ROI) for staking games is very high on BetHash platform when compare to other gaming platform; the BetHash gaming platform can pay up to 161% ROI for every staking games.

The BetHash as its own token namely ‘HASH’, is it already tradable at cryptocurrency exchange on their website and also Newdex exchange. The token will be share to the users of BetHash platform as a dividends. A way to earn HASH token as a dividends is by playing games on the platform or holding the HASH token.


The BetHash project will combine all the positive elements associated with blockchain technology and decentralization which include vastly improved security and a transparency which inspires both creators and the user base and has Bonus of 10% Payout Ratio Pool, 0.05% for Invitee Reward, 0.2% Commission.

As well as bringing the most impressive tech elements together to facilitate a next level user experience, the platform will also provide benefits for its investors. They will be entitled as token holders, to a % share in the revenue of the platform as it grows.

The BetHash platform features many variety of awesome games such as:

Lottery: Lottery is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize.

Dice: Dice are used for generating random numbers which if correlate you win.

Baccarat: Baccarat is a popular casino game comparing card game played between two hands.

Jacks or better

Slots is another popular casino game


Lots more to be added regularly.

Also bethash focus on the community and the best experience they can have. There is a platform for the community to reach out on social media if there is a game they are willing to see on the platform. And if this is possible theybmake it happens.

How It Works?

All winning numbers of EOSHASH games are generated using the latest EOS transaction hash, a sequence of numbers and letters produced by the 21 EOS block producers. Unlike other platforms that generate outcomes using a random number generator on their own server, potentially opening opportunities for the platform to modify the results and cheat players, EOSHASH cannot interfere with the results, as the generation of EOS transaction hash IDs is completely out of our control.

Since the EOSHASH lottery runs every minute, only the EOS transaction hash is generated regularly enough to be used to determine the winning numbers. EOS has a 0.5 second block time, which means 2 blocks are generated every second, with each of these blocks having a randomly generated transaction hash.

Compared to Bitcoin (10 minutes) and Ethereum (2.5 minutes), EOS has the fastest block generation time making it best suitable for our fast-paced lottery game! Soon, EOSHASH will be releasing games that refer to the Bitcoin or Ethereum hash, allowing everybody to participate whatever their favorite blockchain!

To ensure that the last 2 digits of the EOS hash ID are equally distributed, and hence equally likely to be drawn as a result, BetHash ran a historical test for last 3 months EOS TxHash ID from July – October, 2018. This test demonstrated that all numbers between 00-99 are equally likely to appear as the last two digits of the EOS hash ID, ensuring there are no biases for particularly values. BetHash welcomes anyone to statistically test against the distribution of the EOS hash values.

How do we play in BetHash?

If someone plays platform games, he will be rewarded with a loyalty point called HPOINT. This is not the end of it, you can also earn HPOINT points by attracting people to the platform, and finally you can earn HPOINT points with a HASH token. HPOINT can be converted to a HASH token at a ratio of 8:1. For a example, Suppose you have 5000 HPOINT points, You will be eligible for 5000/8 HASH. This will have 625 HASH tokens. Thus, HPOINT loyalty points can be used for betting, use them to purchase the HASH token and use it to participate in the decentralized jackpot, which usually starts at intervals of a few minutes.

Why EOS blockchain?

This came to be because of the power and security of EOS, bethash allows users of other Blockchain network (like bitcoin and ethereum) to enjoy the platform without worrying about issues of CPU and RAM

On Bethash, users experience a high level of security, speed and performance and this make the platform a fun one.

The platform is easy to use that you can not only bet with EOS but other cryptocurrency too like BTC, ETH, USDT TRX, IOST, DICE and more.

About The HPOINT & HASH Token

Bethash is powered by two native token: HPOINT & HASH token. You earn 1HPOINT for every 10 USDT worth of bets. This can be exchange to hash to participate in loyalty rewards system

Features of Bethash

New games will be added regularly. Also the community can suggest a game and it will be added if technically feasible

Earn passive income.

Play with other other cryptocurrency. Not only EOS

You can win up to 98.1x of your bet Unlike other platform which is not possible

You earn Hpoint for playing games. For every 10 USDT worth of cryptocurrency you deposited. You earn 1HPOINT.

Wide variety of cryptocurrency (including BTC, ETH, USDT) supported.

As low as 0.8% house edge

Earn up to 15% commission of house edge

Community Rewards

BetHash distributes the vast portion of its revenue to token holders and thousands of dollars in Crypto are given for free to the community, daily.

The community rewards function as such:

Each time a player bets the equivalent of 10 USDT in any Crypto or token, he/she is given HPOINTs for free.

HPOINTs can be used to for various purposes, including purchasing HASH tokens; HASH tokens are staked to get platform dividends.

Simply by playing on the platform, every user is rewarded with loyalty points called HPOINTs. These loyalty points can be used to make bets, participate in a decentralized jackpot, or buy HASH tokens. The number of HASH tokens is limited; thus, the platform makes a natural Crypto loyalty reward for its early users/supporters.

The HASH tokens will drive a passive Crypto income for as long as the platform lives.

Benefits of Bethash

It is necessary to highlight a few really important factors:

The use of blockchain technology; allows you to protect players from problems with fraudsters and the loss of their own funds. In addition, the use of the blockchain's capabilities makes it possible to refuse the services of intermediaries - the Bethash makes almost instant payments, taking into account the wishes of the players;

Full transparency in all transactions; intellectual contracts allow you to make playing in a jackpot safe and easy.

No problems with the replenishment of the wallet. You will be able to purchase project tokens with Eth, Btc, Hash, Iost etc and then use them to play in the devices you like.


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