AIS (Alternative Investment and Security Exchange) - The Mongolian's First Cryptocurrency Exchange

Technology development does not stand still and a considerable number of companies, businesses of different levels are trying to build their ecosystem on the blockchain, which greatly simplifies many financial transactions and other actions, accelerating the processes associated with the collection of funds for the start of projects, to finance new products and developments, the elimination of intermediary links, the solution of the issue of trust with the help of smart contracts at the conclusion of partnership agreements and transactions.
2017 has clearly shown everyone how useful blockchain can be and allows you to collect funds for teams to implement your startup ideas from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes, while making it possible to receive dividends for investors or other certain privileges on the platforms they create.
Now every existing company and business is trying to do everything possible to digitize their assets or products and not to miss the moment when they can get stable financial flows and customers more secure and proven method, which led to the growth of new cryptocurrencies that need to be implemented.
To do this, they need to list your tokens on the exchanges, the choice of which must be approached carefully, since most of them still have a number of the following disadvantages for both users and their companies: slow support service, low liquidity, inconvenient interface, lack of a mobile application, weak protection against hacking, high cost of services and commission when trading. Not only traders, but also beginners pay attention to all this.

With all this in mind AIS team has successfully developed a revolutionary platform, that solves all the problems stated above by providing users with the best crypto exchange platform you can find around


AIS is a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange registered under all legal norms of Mongolia and with the support of the Central Bank of Mongolia.
The very notable function of AIS is, as in all other classic crypto-currency exchanges, buying / selling crypto-coins. Furthermore AIS exchange developers have prepared a lot of interesting things for their users.

The mission is to establish a new cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia, providing a native token with various feature and services, and produce an AI Concierge system to help you navigate through the expanding cryptocurrency market.

Mongolia is an inland state encompassed by using Russia in the north and China within the south. We often bear in mind the wanderers, top countries and synthetic house units, ger. Approximately part of its three million populace lives inside the capital, Ulan Bator. Mongolia is one of the novel nations with the populace shifting in a solitary town.

To the classic mining, the developers intend to invest the funds received during the ICO in the mining industry (gold, bronze, rare metals and coal).
This kind of direction will make it possible to make a profit not only from mining farms, but also from the sales of extracted minerals. Moreover, profits from the exchange platform will also be distributed among AIS token holders. Thus, AIS users will have as many as three sources of additional income, each of which will not depend on each other.

Platform Highlights

AIS token is a neighborhood coin for the digital currency exchange AIS-X.

Asset mining
The new asset mining business enterprise will uncover gold, bronze, and coal yet will constitute big authority in mining unusual metals.

Digital currency Mining
The new virtual foreign money mining ranch will exhume extraordinary cryptographic types of money utilising redid ASIC machines with measures threat supporting against the decrease of mining skillability.

Enterprise association with bank
We will house the digital money exchange in the bank's internal server to present most intense safety.

Synthetic intelligence Attendant
An synthetic intelligence Attendant that comprehends the social ordinary for the patron may be given to help the whole thing from each day exchanges to showcase pattern exam.

We intend to give speak administrations at the virtual money change.


To provide its users with maximum security, the developers of the AIS are going to place your exchange on an internal server with its Central Bank of Mongolia;

At the same time, the mining cryptocurrency farm AISC will produce other crypto-currency assets, thereby earning additional funds for its development and encouraging its own users;

AI Concierge, which is able to analyze the behavioral characteristics of the user, give him valuable recommendations on the designation and navigation within the framework of the platform, as well as help in deeper market analysis for trading activities, intends to complement all this.

About The AIS Token

Token Details

Token Name: AIS Token
Type: ERC20

Crowd Sale Information

Soft Cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 45,000,000 USD

Token function:

Discount of exchange fee
Discount of withdrawal fee
Discount of listing fee
Pair Key Cryptocurrency
Voting rights for new ICO
Division of Profits ・Exchange ・Cryptocurrency Mining ・Resource Mining

Token Allocation

Public: 50%
Foundation: 20%
Team: 15%
Advisory: 10%
Bounty: 5%

Allocation of Funds

Operation: 35%
Research & Development: 35%
Marketing: 25%
Legal & Compliance: 5%

To maintain and ensure the value of AIS exchange will be its internal token (AIS) through which all exchange processes will take place within the existing platform. A total of 2,300 billion coins will be allocated for the life of the system. Of these, 50% will be allocated to public sales, 20% will remain in reserve, 15% will be distributed among the development team, 10% will receive advisers and 5% of the bounty company.



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