Shivom — A unique bank of genomic data on the blockchain


How it works?
Shivom is going to create the world’s largest decentralized data warehouse in the field of genomics and genetics and give each user the opportunity to manage their DNA data — sell them to interested companies or use for their own purposes.To decipher the information about his DNA, the user can send samples of saliva to the laboratory of Shivom in a special container. All the information received will be stored securely — in the locker. The user will receive a private key, which he can decrypt the data and see all the information


How will this solve the problem?
Currently, genomic data is stored by governments or large corporations, they sell the collected data, or use it for their own purposes. The Shivom project intends to return control over information to ordinary people. Scientists will no longer wait months for permission to receive the necessary data. Monopolization is no longer will restrain the pace of development of medicine.


How can this be used?
Shivom is the key to unraveling the mystery of mankind. Thanks to the creation of a colossal database on the human genome, scientists will be able to solve many current problems and come closer to unraveling previously impossible things — immortality, the treatment of cancer tumors, cloning. Most of the answers to these questions are already stored in our genetic code, we just need to systematize the data and decipher it.
A simple example — a couple wants to have a baby. By contacting the research center and providing their genomic data, future dad and mom will be able to identify the risk of having a genetic disease in the child. Using this information, a set of measures can be taken to eliminate these risks.


Token OmiX
It is intended for purchases and sales within the system, encouraging participants to take certain actions and is its integral part.


16 April— 16 May 2018

Token: ERC20

Hard Cap: 75 000 ETH

Price: 1 OMIX = 0.00014 ETH

Total: 3 000 000 000 OMIX

Token for Sale: 33%

Accept Payments: ETH, BTC, USD

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