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The advertizing industry always differed in enormous turnover of money and speed of introduction of advanced technologies advertizing budgets and to bring to the customers more and more leads designed to save. And as you have already understood marketing specialists couldn't pass by cryptocurrency tools and blockchain of advantages which are capable to bring advertizing branch to absolutely new level.

The Vidy project offers a new way of display of advertizing and involvement of potential clients. The essence consists that Vidy will allow to post small relevant videos behind the text of web — pages. Of course degree of persistence of this method of advertizing at first sight more than is big but everything will depend on realization of this method and a targetirovannost of specific advertizing proposals. Today we are interested that Vidy analogs don't exist yet and the conducted researches have shown interest of advertisers in him.

Vidy functions on blockchain ethereum that allows its users to receive transparent statistics and reliability of system. Internal currency of the platform is VidyCoin all calculations in system will be perfromed in these tokens. Time spent on viewing of advertizing videos will be compensated to VidyCoin that is the user looking through advertizing earns tokens which it will be able to sell further at the exchange or to get a certain product.

The idea very interesting the project personifying the innovative advertizing tools realized by means of blockchain and integrated with cryptocurrency tools costs attention there is only a question in his competent realization and the strategy of advance. But the Vidy team bears the child from walls of the room of the hostel of Harvard University and in such places of silly people don't keep.

Now the Vidy team carries out ico for attraction of investments on implementation of the project in which anyone can take part.

As you can see the advertizing industry continues to develop introducing innovative methods of customer acquisition and now it has adopted blockchain. Study this project in his official sources it costs attention. The idea at first sight can seem not so global but in it huge potential is hidden. It seems to me already very soon we will see the method of display of videos which is thought up and introduced by the Vidy project on pages of the gadgets.



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