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The marine transport is checked by time. Once the mankind from carts and caravans has passed to road and air transport but ocean cargo vessels still provide 75% of transportations on our planet. As well as many others the navigable branch can be considerably improved by means of the Blockchain technologies. As the team of the Prime Shipping project about ICO of which intends to make our review.

Problems of navigable branch

As the navigable branch is an irreplaceable element of global economic infrastructure it doesn't feel urgent need for technological transformations. Among employees of shipping companies even the joke is widespread: "The best that has been thought up for cargo navigation is telegraph". But in any joke there is an element of truth. Nothing new since "e-mail" in shipping has been introduced and the chain of the transaction looks as well as one hundred years ago.

Prime Shipping is ready to become the catalyst of changes.

Solutions of Prime Shipping

Prime Shipping — the first-ever ecosystem for navigation on the Blockchain. Prime Shipping seeks to simplify and make transparent any payments between all participants of the market of transportations.

Using Prime ecosystem shipowners drivers of vessels operators of freights customers of transportations and other participants of the market can increase the efficiency to save on operating expenses considerably having increased the margin.

The ecosystem of Prime consists of several elements.

We watch the drawing:

Prime payment service provider. Thanks to the Blockchain of transaction of system are found instantly. What saves the main temporary losses of branch. PRIME tokens the cornerstone of which are for this purpose created the smart contract of the ERC20 standard of Ethereum network is.

Crypto bank. In bank it will be possible to open the free account. He will use, both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiatny currencies.

Prime exchanger. Tokens of PRIME can be exchanged on fiatny and cryptocurrencies and back.

Logistic platform. Provides interaction of freight with carrier. Now all process of logistics will happen to use of smart contracts. In them will register all transactions and operations.

Investment fund. All funds raised for ICO will be placed in investment fund. From there will be a further management and distribution. Everyone will be able to use this fund for rather safe enhancement of the capital.

The online service with the friendly interface will be developed for end users.

The smart the contract of a token PRIME is open and it is possible to get acquainted with him on the resource.

Prime Shipping team

The team of Prime Shipping is joined by experts of branch with a long-term experience. On the website it is possible to see the reference to the Linkedin profiles and to get acquainted with participants. It is also possible to pay attention to comments which to them are left on a page by other participants of branch.

Details of ICO Prime Shipping

On March 15 private sale of tokens of PRIME has begun, 955 million tokens at the price of $0,05 have been sold (50% a discount). The minimum investment made $5000.

At the moment there is a closed Pre-ICO (9/15/2018 — 10/1/2018). The price of a token is $0,05 (50% a discount). In the third quarter 2018 open ICO is planned (11/1/2018 — 12/1/2018). The price of a token will grow to $0,1. Soft cap will make $1,250,000, and Hard cap — $12,250,000. The minimum investment — 5 ETH either an equivalent in Dollars or Euro.

On ICO end tokens will also be available to purchase at the price of $1 before full distribution.

Conclusions about the Prime Shipping project

The navigable branch provides transportation of goods for tens of trillions of dollars a year. At the same time innovations in this branch have got stuck last century. It causes relevance of the idea. In the project it is big and the social component decrease in costs will entail also decrease in the final price of the transported products. Prime Shipping is the operating business with the big capital and huge number of users. Therefore carrying out ICO shouldn't meet difficulty and fund raising shouldn't be a problem.



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