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Elysian is the new decentralized platform, for improvement of electronic commerce by means of technology a blockchain and smart contracts and also addition of some interactive.

About the Platform:

What there is a speech about? All know that electronic commerce – it isn't new long ago. Technology blockchain in principle too not a new thing. Connections of these things by means of team of experts are already something more interesting. But what everything such pluses will be received by electronic commerce which will be carried out through the Elysian platform?

The first and quite important application a blockchain of technology is safety which she provides. All user information including about their credit cards will be strictly secret from malefactors by means of an algorithm Proof-of-Authority. Thanks to him all information will be stored in the distributed network which possibility of breaking is very strongly limited and sometimes at all isn't possible.

Also on the platform such innovations as artificial intelligence and virtual reality will be used. These functions will make purchases on the Internet much more conveniently and more fascinatingly. You will be able to be at home, and at the same time to see everything that you get so as if you are in shop. Thus the platform will interact with clients at the highest level and it will be her big advantage before competitors too.

Well and one more distinctive feature of the platform – light scalability that is especially convenient for development of business and in technological aspect.

Tokens of the Platform and their Sale:

Tokens to the platform will be used for mission of the platform – use of her services, a purchase and sale of goods. Pre-ICO tokens are necessary to last from June 4 to June 17 and on 6 cents at this time. The main sale of tokens will take place in three stages – from June 18 to June 24 with tokens 8 cents, from June 25 to July 1 with tokens on 10 cents and from July 2 to July 8 with tokens on 12 cents. At the same time the Hard a cap of the project is equal to 19 million dollars.


Into the account of distribution of tokens it is possible to tell the following: 4% have been sold for time of private sales. 4% are allocated for pre-sales and 15% for time of the main sales. 30% are allocated for deduction by the platform. 35% for a pool of expenditure for growth of the platform. 10% are allocated for team. 1% on referrals and 1% for baunt.

Into the account of distribution of the raised funds it is possible to tell the following: 40% are allocated for development of the platform. 30% for marketing, 20% as platform reserve. And on 5% for the conclusion of partnership and legal costs.


Into the account of the development plan for the platform it is possible to tell the following: in - the second quarter 2017 the concept of Elysian was born. To 1 quarter 2018 this concept were developed as a product. Waugh second quarter 2018 – sale of tokens. In the 3rd quarter 2018 – extension of the command and start of a purse of Elysian. In the 4th quarter 2018 – start of a mobile purse on iOS and Android. In 1 quarter 2019 it is planned to realize a private blockchain of the platform for data storage. Waugh second quarter – start of the commodity program of the platform. In the 3rd quarter – direct start of all Elysian platform. In the 4th quarter of Atomic Swap it will be integrated into the Elysian E-commerce platform. In 1 quarter 2020 the platform will begin to work with the majority of the main tokens for reception of payment for her functions. In 2-3 quarters offices in Europe and Asia will be opened. In the 4th quarter into the platform integrate AI. In the 3rd quarter 2021 there will be an integration of Virtual Reality. Further active development and growth is planned.

In conclusion I want to tell that the project is really attractive. His tokens quite well are on sale and it is much costs. I think innovations of Elysian of many will attract. For more thorough investigation of the platform I advise you to study her information documents.

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