Today for you I have prepared an overview of interesting project namely trading platform - BCNEX (!
Not very long ago I had exchanges although it is quite an attractive destination.
Many of you have at least once used the cryptocurrency exchange for trading or simply registered out of curiosity and many know what problems can arise when using them. BCNEX aims to solve many of them by building its own platform using blockchain technology.
The main advantage of the BCNEX trading platform is the security due to encrypted data criminals will be very difficult to seize your funds, the blockchain allows you to increase the level of security to the maximum level thereby protecting your customers, this is what the BCNEX team cares about and cares about.

A little bit of feeling the exchange itself can note its simple and intuitive interface and fast response speed, everything works smartly and looks good and most importantly stable. BCNEX will also maintain high liquidity of all trading pairs to make people with deposits of different sizes feel comfortable and confident. So far, there are not so many trading pairs but I want to note that the exchange has already been launched that is, the BCNEX project already has a ready working product and they only launch their ICO in order to expand the opportunity and liquidity on the exchange.
At the expense of the interface, everything is worked out pretty well and ergonomically, even a novice user can easily understand it mobile applications will be developed and released in the future but the site itself is oriented for use from a smartphone too.
It is clear that all of us are people and sometimes everyone has mistakes, even the largest exchanges with a worldwide reputation, there is a place to be a human factor. therefore, one of the main parameters for comfortable use is - technical support at BCNEX technical customer support is available 24/7 and will assist the client in all difficult situations related to the exchange itself.

The platform will release its own bcnx token. 200,000,000 of them will be issued and the number of them will not increase. All platforms around BCNEX and including a token based on an Ethereum blockchain and has standard token ERC-223.
Bcnx token is needed to reduce trading commissions on the platform up to 75%. systematic burning of tokens is also planned to improve the economy within the platform.
Before the start of the ICO only 10 days but this is enough to get acquainted with the project read Whitepaper will get acquainted with the platform itself it is planned that the ICO will end on June 12 or earlier if the hardcap is reached and it is $15,000,000.
The project also lags behind its competitors and in q4 2019 will open its ecosystem to promote startups.
The project team is quite large and consists of experienced specialists in various fields and there are many investors among the advisors. By the way, according to the team, the project has already received funding of $1,000,000 at the welcome round, and in order for the sale to take place, it is necessary to dial softcap of $2,000,000.

In General, I will follow the project will see how to launch a new exchange in this bull market in any case it will be interesting do not forget to subscribe to the social network project and get acquainted with their whitepaper before making any decision.
Below I will leave for you a small set of numbers for a better understanding of the project and of course the links by which you will be able to meet him, good luck to all!

Ticker: BCNX
Token type: ERC223
Token price on sale: $0.15-$0.45
Total supply: 200,000,000
Soft cap: $2,000,000
Hard cap: $15,000,000
Min.entry: $100
KYC: Yes

White paper:

Author: Karala132
Telegram by: @aleksandernoise
All good mood!

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