Blok On Blok formally named XPhone is the world first blockchain phone designed, based and deployed on the Function X decentralized protocol, empowering users to assume full responsibility over their own data. It is also designed in such a way that developers can manufacture their own customized blockchain phone. The XPhone is the world first Blockchain Phone that is extraordinary, verified and decentralized. The XPhone is filled, created and controlled by Function X, an ecosystem that is developed totally on the blockchain. Clients of XPhone won't have to stress themselves over the centralized providers to call, message, examine the web or access application administrations. The XPhone is developed with refined innovation which makes clients data or information to be kept secured. Moreover, the XPhone can make clients switch among blockchain and old mode on the fly to get to your favored Android applications. The group team has likewise chosen to create only 5,000 XPhones which will be conveyed and discharge to the world in late 2019. XPhone additionally would like to cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to develop their own one of a kind type of the blockchain phone filled by Function X.


  • One of the XPhone features and what makes it unique is the personalized Design with DIY Accessories. The XPhone gives users the ability to change its form and design with different kinds of modification parts, accessories and stickers.
  • The XPhone is Easy to Build Self- Assembly Kit. The XPhone will come in a Mod Assembly Kit which contains many component or parts such as the Motherboard, display screen, camera, audio speaker part, buttons and other enhancements. The kit is created to get together detailed guide and video likewise users have the option of 3D print on the phone.
  • The XPhone also has a Retro-futuristic Sci-Fri Design. The XPhone is designed with avant-grade future tech to make sure the phone is easy to use, unique and of high quality.
  • It also has an Open Source Hardware design
  • Developers can likewise utilized the Function X OS to create and develop their own custom blockchain operating network while running it on BOB hardware.

  • Upon the release of BOB, all of its hardware design rendering files will be made available for users so as to be able to download, modify and 3D print the parts to create their own BOB modifications.

WHAT IS F(X) OS = Own Your Data

With the f(x) OS powering BOB, it is the world's first best and unique blockchain phone that is secure and decentralized. The f(x) OS enables users to take advantage of the Function X ecosystem that is created and built completely on the blockchain. Each BOB functions like a node, supporting the Function X blockchain.

The blockchain mode empowered by Function X OS enables users information to be kept encoded and secure. In addition, the OS is in reverse perfect with Android. Switch among blockchain and Android mode on the fly to get to your preferred Android applications.


Conclusively, the XPhone now known as BOB has come to create a world where users can have total absolute control over how data is being utilized. The Phone is one of the best and would urge my followers to get a piece of the phone to enjoy utmost privacy.

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