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The introduction of digital asset and influx of people into the cryptocurrency has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. This is what brought about the idea of DIGITAL GOLD. A blockchain-based project created to entice and encourage the digitalization of financial market. DIGITAL GOLD hopes to revolutionize this by allowing users to buy coverage in physical gold through ERC-20 Ethereum-based GOLD token.


  • Clients can utilize the digital gold platform to quickly buy the GOLD token, each coin being equivalent to one gram of 99.99% FINE gold that is put away in the organization's vaults. Accordingly, the tokens empower clients to utilize gold to make money related transactions, or to use it as a riches stockpiling technique. This is accomplished without expecting clients to pursue convoluted methodology.
  • The token is pegged to the estimation of the gold spot value, accordingly going about as a stablecoin. This makes it helpful for ensuring against market instability on the digital currency market, while likewise enabling clients to profit off long haul gold cost upswings.
  • Digital Gold also provides Liquidity as it is guaranteed consistently, allowed that autonomous live reviews can be confirmed to cross-check the quantity of tokens available for use, with the measure of vault-stored gold.
  • The digitalization of gold will undoubtedly additionally expand the overall intrigue of the precious metal, which has been looked for and utilized by humanity for thousands of years. The cross-usage among gold and blockchain innovation fills in so far another effective use case situation, displaying blockchain's potential in upsetting the monetary market.
  • Digital Gold also leverages blockchain technology to provide instant, low-cost and easy transactions on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The utilization creates more network security and protection against cyber-criminals and attack.
  • Talking about blockchain, its application in the Digital Gold undertaking takes into account a few inventive highlights, including, however not constrained to: moment, ease exchanges did by means of the Ethereum blockchain, unchanging nature for all affirmed exchanges (no chargeback hazard), by and large system security and security from digital assaults, keen contract usefulness (propping a moment gold buy for every token purchased), advertise straightforwardness, support for all ERC20 wallets, and backing for exchanging the GOLD token on accomplice trades. The blockchain also allows for market transparency.
  • The GOLD token community can use the Digital Gold Marketplace to quickly buy or sell the token at their will and wish.
  • The utilization of blockchain technology will allow gold to be generally acceptable as it is mandatory to notify that blockchain technology can make gold easily tradable and usable as a means of payment.
  • The leveraging blockchain will also allow for maximum security and with the blockchain-based system, newly-mined Gold can also be easily tracked while retaining important information.

The Digital Gold Token is an ERC-20 Token created and deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain technology. Users can utilize to easily purchase, sell, trade and store or transfer investment-grade gold. The GOLD token has been intended to go be as a stablecoin, pegged to the cost of gold. The ERC-20 GOLD token is upheld by physical gold, put away in the organization's safe vault. As liquidity is ensured, the token appears as a stablecoin, since its cost is legitimately connected to the current gold spot costs.

One GOLD token will enable clients to buy inclusion of 1 gram of 99.99% FINE gold. Clients are likewise permitted to complete a boundless number of exchanges. To help give a predominant level of trust, all gold acquired through the GOLD token is stored in the organization's safe vault, in association with BullionStar.


  • Users can send and transfer the Gold Token without having the need to worry about transfer fee.
  • GOLDtoken also allow users to buy coverage in physical gold, which can later be utilized to exercise protection against market volatility or changes.
  • The GOLD Token can likewise be easily purchased, sold and traded.
  • All physical Gold is insured by the world’s largest insurance underwriters, the Chubb Insurance Company.
  • GOLD Token also ensures high liquidity, since the token issuer company, DIGITAL GOLD LTD works as a iquidity supplier while users can also buy large amount of tokens through the Digital Gold Marketplace.

Conclusively, GOLD stablecoin are pegged to physical gold and this helps increase the price and keeps growing in correspondence to FIAT stablecoins such as USD, EURO. Users wont also need to worry about passing KYC or going through KYC or hard procedures to own a GOLD. So i urge my followers to go through this distinctive project.

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