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Shivom Overview

The largest genomic data-hub on the planet — this is how Shivom describes what they want to create. This will allow individuals to get their genome sequenced and stored, while providing a platform for healthcare and wellness providers such as clinics, genomic counselors, pharmaceuticals, research organizations, governments, patient-support groups, and insurance companies where they can add their apps and services. 

The pitch deck of Shivom emphasizes on Genomics, a highly interdisciplinary study of DNA providing information that could effectively improve healthcare. However, the document goes on, the data accumulated by Genomics is siloed, inaccessible and doesn’t reach its full potential. The Shivom platform or ecosystem as they call it, promises to provide a solution for that.

Key Features

Blockchain use

Shivom aims to create a decentralized blockchain where people can get their genome sequenced and stored. The donor is the sole owner of this data who has complete control over the accessibility.


As for businesses and non-commercial organizations, they will be provided with an ecosystem allowing them to add apps and services. This is supposed to boost personalized medicine, establishing a highly scalable and fully integrated healthcare vertical. Companies and organizations will be able to address patients directly to invite them donate their data for research. As a result, Shivom will become the single largest repository of genomic data for research and development, precision medicine, DNA supercomputing and more. The platform will also function as an app marketplace and sharing economy on top of the blockchain for full genomic data integration.



The Shivom concept was drafted early in 2017. Later that year, they run the first seed round and started their roadshow as part of the promo campaign. In the first months of 2018, a private round was raised from major crypto VC’s, followed by the innovation council on February 1st. They recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Government of Andhra Pradesh and are now heading towards their token sale.


Uncommonly, the countdown to the pre-sale only appeared on their website three days before the date. The only hint is in a pitch deck saying the OmiX tokens will go on sale in April this year. Their Twitter account features a pinned post according to which “Shivom’s official Pre-Sale commencing from the 16th April at 1 PM GMT and will run until the 22nd April”.

A long development road lies ahead, as the pitch deck goes on, promising the launch of AI in the first quarter of 2019. The three magic letters, however, aren’t mentioned. We would expect from a project that ambitious to provide more information on the exact dates of sales milestones and a clearer vision of their future marketing campaign.


The CEO of Shivom is Axel Schumacher, one of the co-founders, he has a Ph.D. in Genetics. Schumacher features over 20 years of R&D leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, and aging & longevity which allowed him to write the ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide’, the standard compendium for the healthcare industry. He is also a faculty Member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto.

Schumacher leads the company along with two other co-founders, COO Gourish Singla and CTO Sally Eaves. Singla is a serial entrepreneur with a background in investment banking and wealth management. Sally Eaves is said to be one of the top 10 blockchain influencers (as of 4/14, num. 18 according to Richtopia). She is a practicing professor of FinTech, a Global Strategic Advisor, and a member of the Forbes Technology Council for the UK Government. Henry Ines, the Chief Innovation Officer, is another key figure in Shivom’s management. He is a global executive with extensive venture capital and cross-border advisory experience. As an investor, he focuses on FinTech / blockchain, frontier technologies, and ventures based on his collective VC experiences to date. He is also an advisor to multiple blockchain / ICO projects and tech startups in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The core team features fifteen experts in science, innovation; marketing; communication, investment, technology, and local markets.

Advisory Board

strongThe impressive advisory board of Shivom includes nine experts. Among them you fill find:

Taavi Rõivas — the ex-prime minister of the Republic of Estonia, currently a member of the 12th term of Estonian Parliament.

Dr. Jay Sanders — a man who directs the U.S. telemedicine initiatives to the G-8 nations and is a founding member of the American Telemedicine Association

Antanas Guoga — Lithuanian representative at the European Parliament and entrepreneur

...and other experts and influentials.

Token Sale Summary

  • Project name: Shivom
  • Token ticker: OmiX
  • Website:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Requirements: Whitelist members
  • Payment currencies: N/A
  • Pre-Sale period starts: April 16th
  • Sale period ends: April 22nd
  • Total token supply: 3,000,000,000
  • Available through pre-ICO/Presale/ICO: 990,000,000 tokens
  • Hard cap: N/A
  • Soft cap: N/A
  • Conversion rate: N/A
  • Frozen tokens: N/A
  • Unsold tokens: N/A

OmiX Token Allocation

Use of Proceeds

Media Coverage

There is no section dedicated to media coverage on the Shivom website. We couldn’t find any publication on the Internet rather than on websites that provide ICO reviews and listings, which is surprising considering their impressive team and advisory board. Their Twitter account has 46,6K following, and their Telegram group is read by 70,440 users.


The Shivom’s take on competition breaks down into the following three bulletpoints:

1. Global healthcare market: projected 8.7 trillion by 2020

2. Precision medicine market: projected 112.6 billion by 2025

3. “90% people in the United States will be sequenced within the next 20 years.” -Robin

Thurston, CEO of Helix

Their analysis of direct competitors is formalized in the following table:

This demonstrates that there is competition, which is important for innovative projects. Because when you start a project and face no competition at all this means the relevant market does not exist, which, in its turn, might be a sign that there is no demand. We can see that this is not the case with Shivom. At the same time, none of the three presented competitors seems to be using blockchain at the moment.

Whitepaper and Pitch Deck

The Shivom whitepaper describes on 56 pages how it is going to be building the platform. It looks like a thorough analysis of the market, meticulous description of the business model, and the most serious inquiry into the technology.


Shivom is an innovative blockchain project lead by a strong team of top-notch specialists and supported by the impressive board of advisors featuring several highly-authoritative experts. Shivom has already developed partnerships with influential organizations and even with a government.

We would expect a bit more promptness on sharing the latest updates on the Shivom website. There are three days left until their pre-sale, and the countdown first appeared on the website April 13th which is quite unusual because typically ICO websites launch it some days earlier. The most experienced of our team said, “They are just too cool to care about such things”. We will see very soon.












This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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