Secure Storage of Personal Healthcare Data with Emrify


The consumer demand for convenient and secure health delivery services increased during the past several years. Emrify has emerged to answer the charge with its well-developed products with thousands of active users. All healthcare facilities will be able to effectively implement Emrify's customized solution in their daily routine.

Emrify offers a service for storage and processing of personal healthcare data. The solution provides sensitive personal information storage in encrypted manner with the use of blockchain. Emrify is designed with an intention to place healthcare data in the hands of their owners, so that every individual will be able to maintain a complete digital record of their health.

Health portal for patients and hospitals

Emrify is a convenient way to monitor your electronic health record and provide access to sensitive personal information to organizations you wish. Users can interact with hospitals and third parties on platform in order to contribute data for payments. For this purpose, Emrify designed Health Passport. There are multiple forms of medicine records that are required in the field of medicine: Each patient has to fill up the basic information many times. With Emrify App you only need to update your information before appointment and choose which information you would like to share with your doctor. In addition, users can store copies of bills and important contact information, such as family members, in case of emergency.

Emrify implements the following products to maximize its productivity:

-PillSync, a mobile database for drug information and management;
- Health dApp Store, a platform for outside developers and
- Emrify Labs, a trusted network for data exchange.


Once the profile has been created, all user data will be committed to blockchain in encrypted manner. Before sharing the data with health providers, the users can check a reputation of each profile to protect user privacy. All medical information that belongs to a person will be stored in one place and should therefore result in an improved healthcare coordination.

In order to succeed, the platform relies on tokenization of healthcare data. Data storage is free for users. Users, who become interested in selling data, can contribute their data, e.g. laboratory test results and imaging reports, as health miners.

Token Sale Plan

Health Information Token (HIT) is used as a digital payment for all transactions on the platform. HIT will be operated on Ethereum, ERC20 standard.



Emrify has the potential to increase the advance health-related information flow. The service provides a comprehensive storage of health information and is maintained in a secure environment. Health Passport powered by application contains a wide range of information, such as personal and medical data. Emrify is also open to innovations. The application is open for outside developers, such as Google Assistant, to build dApps, contribute with widgets and voice interfaces to attract more participants to the platform. With the use of PillSync, Emrify receives an access to one of the largest drug database systems with an application for barcodes and pill image hub.



This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice. 

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