FlipNpik will Make Social Media Work for Customers and Local Businesses

Social media platforms were originally conceived as a tool for connecting people. However, the social media prospect has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Companies nowadays actively include such platforms in their marketing frameworks. A one-way approach, however, doesn't provide an effective communication between marketers and customers, aside from the fact that consumers are not encouraged to take part in any business promotion. This is where FlipNpik will join the game.


Fliptech introduces FlipNpik, a new blockchain-enabled service for local businesses that operates as a collaborative social media platform. The FlipNpik platform is both consumer and business oriented, and as such, it concentrates on attracting customers through relevant content and rewarding for added value. With inbound marketing, businesses can create favourable advertising campaigns and attract customers through various communication channels.

Business development with social media

Since customer networks are densely connected, their influence has become substantial. That is, nowadays it can be communicated collectively about almost every subject. Various brand products are also included into prospective topic lists. Social media are exactly the place where brands can gain insights into the customer behaviour.

Social media are with no doubt a powerful marketing tool. However, there is one key distinctive feature that should be taken into consideration when planning a marketing strategy: Communication has been significantly democratized with regard to both quality and speed. Thus, companies that innovate with collaborative approach, succeed in customer attraction.

Bearing in mind these specific peculiarities, Fliptech developed its platform around the following structural principles:

Community building
Collaboration is an essential part of any business process. FlipNpik will implement a participatory model as a part of its engagement strategy.

Customer engagement starts with the shared experience of the values. Alongside the opportunity to discover businesses, customers will be able to build merchant profiles on the platform as well as expand their content.

Incentive system
Active participation will be rewarded. The platform enables the FlipNpik customer reference program.


Furthermore, users can obtain a status of Ambassador Partners of a particular business. For that, users should meet some requirements, that among others include (1) a minimum deposit of 500 FNP tokens and (2) providing an invitation at least for three users who will become customers. It is of the highly importance, that recruited users remain active. The Ambassador Partners will be rewarded for their activities by the business they are recruiting for.

Basic and premium services
The basic services of the platform are free. They include any activities related to content. The access to the premium services, in contrast, will be provided to businesses for a charge. The premium package includes data analysis, games, promotions, etc.

Software for customers and businesses

The FlipNpik App for users enables geolocation, subscriptions to businesses and creation of a user profile. In turn, they will receive deals and promotions, including exclusive offers, such as games and surprise boxes, as well as an access to online shops.

Business profiles will include all the elements related to their digital identity. Special features added to the platform, will help customers get acquainted with some interesting business offers: The more promotions a company offers, the greater visibility it receives on the platform. Furthermore, companies can carry out their business activities on the platform with the personalized support for the content production provided by third parties.

Token Sale Plan

FNP Token is a means of payment on the platform. The ICO period is from September 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018.

It seems that the world has entered into a new era of data collection. Information explosion has led to increased data sharing. At the same time, in order to reach the audience, companies should be willing to cooperate with their customers, that is, to provide appropriate rewards for the contribution to overall earnings.

Marketing in the age of social media is becoming more and more sophisticated. The collaborative social media, FlipNpik binds together customers and brands, who are namely the representatives of two communities, that were isolated under the one-side approach to communication and brand promotion. At first glance, the FlipNpik ecosystem provides a fairly standard set of features, although its components are processed on advanced level. However, the concept of subscription business favourably distinguishes FlipNpik from most of their competitors, which becomes clear with a closer examination.


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This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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