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Hello friend! Today I want to tell you about a very interesting project Omnity. However, I’ll begin my story from the side

At the time of its creation, the cryptocurrency was positioned as a cure for the fragility, injustice and potential corruption of traditional financial institutions.
Like wealth, knowledge is not less (and often more) powerful. Various forces play a role in the collection and accumulation of knowledge, providing access to them.
These forces (the states, the companies, the organizations etc.) can for various reasons easily limit, close access, or provide only that it is favorable to them. For example, on the despot's whim, because of censorship, natural disasters, breakings. For example, search engines issue first of all that information which is advanced better.
Also, as we cannot yet relinquish control over our finances by a third party (which is potentially vulnerable), we cannot refuse access to knowledge through a third party.
For solving these problems, we must emancipate our collective knowledge, protect them from natural disasters, wars and other negative influences.
We can do all this thanks to the Omnity project. Omnity is a new generation search engine based on fundamental advances in associative semantic search technology and blockchain technology.
Omnity also has such advantages as:

  1. Decentralization of data reception from any person and from anywhere in the world, ensuring the immutability of the content;
  2. Ensuring the possibility of an impartial review of documents on the merits of their content, and not on the basis of the prestige of the author, the authority of those who support or promote it;
  3. Continuous addition;
  4. Self-healing of data after external influences.

The main distinguishing advantage of Omnity over most projects that go to ICO is the availability of the main product, the functionality of which is significantly superior to MVP! Now I want to consider it in more detail.
Omnity presents search results in the form of interactive charts and visualizations. Before we start exploring these opportunities, we need to register on the official Omnity website.
After that we log in to the website and get to the main page of search.

After selecting the file and starting the search, we get the results.
The information panel on right side displays the information of the current document.

By selecting the desired option to display the results, you can analyze:

  • Relatedness shows clustering of documents based on the similarity of their meaning:

  • visualization of a timeline where a community of documents is displayed, semantically defined by overlapping rare words constructed using the publication date and organization metadata;

  • using interactive maps we can trace the movement of ideas;

  • the display option in the form of graphs helps us to see the connections between different documents;

  • By clicking on the appropriate icon, you can create a report and save it in the format we need.

After the release of OM tokens, Omnity users will be able to run automated semantic queries by creating Discovery Bot.

P.S. Finishing my brief overview, I want to summarize. One of the main reasons to pay attention to the project is the availability of the finished main product, which is far superior in its functionality to MVP. Also, in the course of its development, the Omnity project attracted a diverse group of experts, including two Nobel laureates, was awarded with five grants from the American National Science Foundation. In 2016, Omnity was also the winner of the US Patent Office (USPTO). All this prophesies a great success to the project!

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Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising.

25.03.2019 15:20