New type of ecosystem designed to awaken human potential

  • HighVibeNetwork is a technology based on the blockchain technology community, designed to combine real and digital experiences, personal development and learning through the network.
  • HighVibe Network is an ecosystem consisting of events, communities, applications, platforms designed to extract the maximum experience that can be obtained.
  • Through the HighVibe Network, users have access to materials and practices of yoga and meditation, virtual reality services VR, online learning, digital music, personal development, health food portals and many other materials.

Why it is so important?

A token based ecosystem built for autonomous growth. Instantly rewarding users monetarily for participation on the platform for actions such as submitting quality content, voting, commenting, participating in campaigns, activating new users, and more.


Users: Paid in HighVibe Tokens as an incentive to take specific actions. Given free access to premium content when holding high Token denominations.

Authors & Creators: Gain visibility on HighVibe via “upvote” and “like-based” algorithms. Earn fixed fees or at least 30% profit on premium offerings.

Affiliates: Participate in a multi-tiered commission structure that is fully transparent. Payments are made instantly and accurately.

What is attractive in a new platform:

  1. Raise Your Vibration: HighVibe get you obsessed with developing and improving yourself in key areas of your life in healthy ways.
  2. Join Global Tribe: They are a private tribe of high achievers, connected globally, helping each other along the way, the extended family you’ve always wanted.
  3. Receive Concierge Guidance: They are a concierge at the highest levels, getting you exactly what you need to grow.
  4. Enjoy Exclusive Privileges: They provide exclusive access to special offers, perks and privileges only available to members of our High Vibe Network.
  5. Peace of Mind: They offer world-class support across our entire platform.

The company started its activity in the second quarter of 2017, then for the first time they began to develop and study the aspects of the creation of conscious communities and social platforms.

In the third and fourth quarter of 2017 the main team was formed. In the first quarter of 2018, the foundation of the road map was laid. Ecosystem HighVibe Network will be launched to expand the consciousness of our community and maintain the commitment to development value network.


\- Ascending content. Get access to inspirational content, such as music, meditation, master classes and training, helped by highly educated thinkers and teachers

\- Multidimensional learning. As part of our roadmap, we create an impressive learning experience based on innovative VR and AR technologies to lift you and unlock your unlimited potential

\- Limitless growth: when you engage in our platforms and optimize your mind, you will overcome obstacles, reach new peaks while you are part of our growing tribe

\- Abundant life: HighVibe.Network is a thriving and attractive community with online and offline activities focused on personal development, collaboration and connectivity.

  • The HighVibe Network defines an entirely new industry category known as Functional Entertainment - content that helps grow and develop, as well as entertain users.
  • According to the developers of the community, HighVibe Network is one of the most attractive offers of tokens of 2018, with a very high probability of long-term success. In a growing decentralized economy, projects serve their communities that will support users in the long term.

Token sale details:

Public Token Sale: 09/09/2018 – 10/10/2018

  • Token symbol- HV
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 8,000,000,000 HV
  • Available for sale- 4,000,000,000 HV
  • Price rate- 1 HV= $0.015 USD
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, Fiat (TBA)
  • Hard cap- $44,220,436
  • Soft cap- $2,500,000


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