Kepler Technologies - World’s First Decentralized AI and Robotics Development Platform

 The platform will also give investors improved liquidity when compared to other traditional avenues of investment by way of exchangeable tokens that represent assets. Furthermore, it will specifically leverage analytics, data science, and predictive algorithms to realize the platform’s theoretical benefits.

Kepler Technologies ecosystem will be powered by its ERC20 compatible KEP tokens. The tokens will be the currency for purchasing the company’s products at discount, voting for projects for the company to develop, and funding creator’s proposals.

KEP will also make it possible for token holders to invest in robotics through its Platform incubator and accelerator programs, which will trigger new technological developments and accumulate huge income, both for token investors and project investors. 

Kepler Technologies will be governed by a decentralized system, where KEP owners will be the ones who decide what products, robots or services will be distributed by simply investing or not investing in the specific projects. investors possessing the required amount of KEP for the implementation of their project can kickstart production. 80% of the income realized from all projects and economic activities will be distributed back to KEP investors who invested in the specific project. 


Advatage Kepler Project:

MIA is a block-based assistant, who will continue to leverage our decentralized network. MIA has been designed and developed to help users in their everyday activities, including shopping through an integrated wallet system that allows it to conduct transactions based on verbal commands.

Kepler also developed intelligent vacuum cleaners, shopping carts, security drones, and other smart devices that do not require user control. Kepler ICO is the sale of real asset tokens in the real world. These assets include fixed.

Another major advantage of the Project is support and sponsorship, it has been collected both from the public and private sectors.

 Kepler Platfrom:

The Innovative & Unique KeplerUniverse Platfrom is committed to building teamwork through a world with a specific background. but it brings an opportunity for everyone to join this amazing project to find the right skills and workforce to bring the revolutionary idea into reality. This platform will be talented and talented thinking to participate in the development of technological solutions or connect with the right resources and personnel. to bring their ideas to life. Kepler not only acts as a direct gateway for intermediary connections, the network also provides unique investment opportunities to investors.

KEP token Profile:

Token sales will be made in two di_erent, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH) currencies. Total token supply is 250.000, 000 KEP + 7 000 000 Bonus. 1 USD will Produce 1 PEM which means that paying investor $ 1 will get 0.8 KEP.

1 Token price = $ 1.25

Offer Bonus: 

 The KEP token will be employed as an instrument that ensures rights of entrance to the platform and to allow the general publics explore the huge benefits of the bionetwork without chauvinism. To allow for participants to take part of the platform, ICO is out on offer. A total of 201, 500, 000 KEP tokens have been created by the developers of the ecosystem. During the Pre-ICO, 5, 000 KEP will be available for sale with 30% bonus while during the ICO stage 1, 11, 500, 000 KEP will be supplied with 15% bonus. 16, 500, 000 KEP will be available with 10% bonus during the ICO stage 2 while 21, 000, 000 KEP with 5% bonus will be offered to the public during the ICO stage 3. The final stage of the ICO will have 21, 500, 000 KEP with no bonus. Token sales will be conducted in two special currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Total token supply will be 250, 000, 000 KEP + 7 000, 000 Bonuses.1 USD will Generate 1 KEP which means that paying $1 investor will get 0.8 KEP in return.1 Token price = $1.25 Amount to be raised is $250,000,000. Tokens will be distributed as shown in the diagram that follows. 

 ICO and token details:

The minimum eligible contribution is $50 or 0.05 ETH. Thus this isn’t for the micro small cap investors. The price of 1 KEP token is $1.25, when you don’t apply any discounts. BTC and ETH are the only accepted payment methods during ICO. The soft cap of the project is $30 million. In unlikely case of soft cap not being achieved, all acquired funds will be refunded to personal wallets. Immediately after the ICO is over you get your tokens. Smart contracts are at operations to make sure of that. Contributions from China, Singapore and US territories кare not accepted. 


 Kepler Team

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