NBAI -use of artificial intelligence and blockchain platform

Nebula Artificial Intellect - a platform where the two most promising technologies of the twenty- first century will work together- blockchain network and AI. With the help of blockchain technology, the NBAI platform will provide a rental service for AI computing power, using which user will be able to give his equipment to the rental market or independently buy the missing capacities. In addition, the platform create site for deployment and development DApps (distributed applications).

How the platform is organized

The NBAI platform consists of two main parts. The first, NBAI Foundation is management body which assumes the responsibility of managing AI joint research lab, managing AI Engineers training center, and also provides the means for developing, managing and supporting blockchain platform. The second component is the NBAI system which is responsible for the integration of DAI Apps, for scientific research and applications, for support AI training in higher education institutions, the lower level of NBAI blockchain network, the process of mining with AI, and for the data center.
The mining model in the NBAI platform is different from usual projects. In the early stages of the project development, the proof of work protocol (PoW) will be used to provide a stable foundation for blockchain of the platform, and then the proof of group (PoG) protocol will be used. These stages will be called Helix and Orion, respectively.

Helix Chain
This is the stage of blockchain component of the platform, during which tokens will be mined through the traditional protocol of proof of work. Helix Chain will be built on an independent Ethereum chain, this will provide less traffic delays, configurable Gas and configurable complexity of block mining.
The disadvantage of this model is a huge waste of electricity on the means of mining, which will lead to an environmental and energy problem. Also, optimization of such a network leaves much to be desired: complexity of reducing the time of confirmation of the block leaves this stage without optimization, this also leads to an increase in the time to reach a consensus. And most importantly: the solution for 51% of cyber attacks on the consensus algorithm of proof of work has not yet been found.

Orion Chain
In early 2019, it is planned to introduce Orion, which will replace the obsolete Helix, to translate the platform's mining to the Proof of Group (PoG) protocol. Because of the large amount of data required for the AI ​​training process, the time to collect these data becomes critical. The time to collect such a volume of data can become a stumbling block for the speed of the platform, especially in the eyes of a user. For this, the PoG consensus algorithm and the NBAI trust system will be used.

NBAI token

The price of token is determined by the amount of computational work performed, which is determined by the required computing power and the time spent on the task. This token is used as a currency for purchasing AI computing power .
Initial tokens based on Ethereum will be of the ERC20 type, and will subsequently be replaced by the main token for the platform in a 1: 1 ratio. The price of NBAI tokens: one hundred thousand NBAI tokens can be purchased for one Ethereum. The softcap of the ICO is five thousand Ethereum, and the hardcap of the private stage is 18 thousand Ethereum, of the public one - 12 thousand Ethereum.
A total of 6.7 billion tokens will be released initially, followed by an annual increase of 2% over six years, the percentage increase will be reduced to 0.2%.

Distribution of token pool

45% of the total will be distributed in the private and public sale, 25% will be distributed between the NBAI Foundation and the community,
The holders of 15% of tokens will be the core team,
another 10% will be distributed among early investors,
and the remaining 5% - for the cost of marketing and partnership.

Variants of the use

Price forecasting
Forecasts of prices of cryptocurrencies or other assets have long been based on an analysis of the behaviour of this asset in the market. Analysts have long used a lot of quantitative models for analysis and calculating data. Earlier for these calculations, the operators were computers. In our time, it has become more effective to use AI, which can analyze, customize and predict data faster and more efficiently than conventional computer algorithms.

Computational resources for AI training
On their personal devices, students or just persons who study AI programming can solve small fragmented tasks, and for full-scale deployment of AI system and their study it’s necessary to have more resources, usually this is done in the university labs. The purchase of AI computing power of NBAI solves this problem.

AI help in medicine
One of NBAI ideas for using AI technology is to integrate AI with image recognition technology in order to analyze images of medical indicators to assist doctors in diagnosing.

Project development plans

How all began
In early 2017, the project development began: development of design and concept, and research of hyperledger. In the third quarter of 2017, the development of Quant AI based on blockchain technology related to AI and a conceptual prototype were completed. In the first quarter of 2018, the sale of tokens was started, a test version of blockchain network called Helix was launched, mining use AI computing power in this network .

Project future
In the third quarter of 2018, it’s planned to launch the public blockchain network called Helix, integrate the first distributed application into the platform, start development of Orion and a prototype of Orion chain. In early 2019, the public network called Orion will have been launched, and also 10 DApps will have been integrated into the platform. By early 2020 NBAI plans to have 50 integrated applications. And by the second quarter of 2020, this number will have increased by 10 times, the forecast is 500 apps.


The NBAI project will bring an innovative AI and blockchain technology to various areas of our lives. The project will also solve the problem of energy efficiency of mining devices, reducing their consumption by 50%. Such a universal platform for AI computing will succeed, and whether you will become part of this revolutionary project decide yourself.

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