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I am Bitcampaign, today I will discuss a crypto project called Nestree, below I will give some more detailed explanations of the Nestree project

There are more than 3 billion smartphone users in the world, and nearly all of them use text messages to communicate with each other. All phones come pre-installed with an SMS service, but most people nowadays install an instant-messaging app the moment they purchase a new phone. These apps are now a smartphone staple, and instant messaging apps are one of the factors directly responsible for helping the smartphone become popular in such a short time.

Messaging platforms that can exchange real-time information are a natural venue for people to congregate in online communities. Such communities offer people a way to share opinions and information pertaining to specific topics of interest, such as hobbies or professional groups. This tendency to attract congregations has made it easier for messaging apps to retain users, and has also caused certain apps to absorb large portions of the market.

What is Nestree ?

Nestree is an innovative community platform with a dynamic reward system and business incubation. Nestree Messenger is a sophisticated gift-based integrated blockchain messenger. Catered to the growth of the community and so on as messengers, Nestree's messenger adopted the unlimited and unlimited cryptocurrency nature to enrich the ecosystem with gifts. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to meet and get cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trade, KYC requirements, private key management, etc.

Nestree Channel is the place for group chats, and it has a special Invitation Reward feature that differentiates Nestree from other communication platforms.


Our mission is to serve as a community platform around the world based on the award philosophy and sharing the blockchain. We strive to create a special platform for interactive ecosystems where businesses and communities coexist and benefit from each other regardless of location or demography.

Main Features

Community Growth & Activation

Channel Power
The Discover menu is a space for connecting users to channels. The more a channel is liked and searched by Nestree users, the more exposure it will have on the Channel menu and the more users it will connect with. Nestree uses algorithms to recommend attractive channels to users through algorithms. Channel recommendation algorithms operate based on a variable called ‘Channel Power’, with each channel having a quantitative amount of Channel Power. Channel Power is measured by

  1. the number of participants on the channel,
  2. participant activity level,
  3. the channel’s compensation policy, and
  4. the channel’s wallet reserves

User Behavior Rewards

  • Invitation Reward
  • Contents Reward
  • Random Reward

Commuinty Operation
Community Business Model

Nestree includes a feature that allows channel participants to selectively see only the messages they need. In interactive communities with thousands or tens of thousands of participants, it is common for users to disable push notifications. This causes participants to frequently miss out on important information or content.

Token Economy

EGG is an ERC-20 utility token that can be utilized in a variety of ways. There are also many ways to acquire EGG, as follows:

How to Get EGG Token

Users may receive the EGG Token from activities in the channel including Invitation Rewards, Content Rewards, Random Rewards and Advertisement Rewards. They are rewarded when they invite other users, post high-quality content, check their channels from time to time, watch ads, and actively engage with their channel. They can also earn EGG through sales in the Marketplace. Channel operators can earn EGG in exchange for running paid channels or posting ads from advertisers. In order for channel operators to earn higher advertising rewards, they need to increase their channel awareness and ad fidelity, which will also pay higher rewards to channel participants. Channel participants, admins and advertisers may acquire EGG Tokens by purchasing them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Use of EGG Tokens by user type is as follows:

Channel Manager
EGG to give rewards to members and expose the Channel at the top of the DISCOVER tab

EGG to enter a paid channel or purchase a product in the Channel

EGG to pay for the channel in exchange for AD posting

Token Details

  • Ticker: EGG
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Token Price: 1USD = 100EGG
  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 EGG
  • HardCap: 6,000,000 USD
  • SoftCap: 1,000,000 USD

Token Distribution

Use of Proceeds

  • Product Development 40%
  • Marketing & Business Development 40%
  • Legal & Compliance 20%



That's enough of my writing this time about the Nestree project. I hope this is useful for those of you who want to know about this project, for more detailed information about the Nestree project, you can visit the link below

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