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What is Rabbit Finance?
Rabbit Finance is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based agricultural products protocol published by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users who are involved in growing liquidity through excessive borrowing and leverage in order to generate more income.

When users don't have enough funds but want to participate in the DeFi liquidity farm, Rabbit Finance can provide up to 10X leverage to help users maximize return per unit of time, while at the same time providing a pool of loans for users who prefer stable returns. to make a profit.

How do I get involved?

Like us, you can participate in Financial Bunny in four different ways:

Lenders: Rabbit Finance allows you to generate income from your core assets by storing them in our vaults. These assets will then be offered to farmers to increase their positions.
Farmers: As a farmer, you can get higher yields by opening a leveraged position with Rabbit Finance. Of course, there is more risk here: liquidations, variable losses, etc.
Liquidator: Oversee ponds for underwater and liquidation positions.

In the example below, we show how each member works together in our ecosystem:

Cora, the lender puts his BNB in ​​our safe; assets are available for borrowing by crop farmers; he receives interest for providing this liquidity.
Dunn, a farmer wants to open a leveraged farm position in BTC / BNB; he borrowed BNB from the vault and enjoyed more agricultural produce.
The Rabbit Finance smart contract handles all the behind-the-scenes mechanisms, optimally translating assets into the correct ratio, providing liquidity to the pool and making LP bets for the
Pancake Rewards
Token RABBIT is the Rabbit Finance governance token. It will also provide economic benefits from the protocol. Maximum 200 million R.

What are RABBIT tokens used for?

Protocol Governance
We will soon be launching a governance repository that will allow community members to host their RABBIT tokens. RABBIT participants will receive xRABBIT, where 1 xRABBIT = 1 vote, which will allow them to make decisions on major management decisions. Initially, management decisions will be based on Snapshot.

Get economic benefits from the Rabbit Finance Protocol user platform
(depositors and borrowers, i.e. lenders and farmers) will receive RABBIT tokens for their deposit and lending operations. The Rabbit Finance platform will prepare a buyback fund with its own income, which will be used for deflation and appreciation of the RABBIT token. When the income is reinvested, 30% of it is used in the RABBIT buyback fund. 20% of the depositor's interest income is used as a market development fund. All this will contribute to an increase in demand and an increase in the value of RABBIT.

Get economic benefits from RUSD, RBTC, RBNB, and more. The RABBIT token is the shareholder rights of the RUSD algorithm chip of persistent coins, RBTS, RBNB, etc. Whenever RUSD, etc., experiences inflation, attendees who deposit RABBIT tokens in the conference room will distribute additional RUSD as dividends to share the benefits of environmental growth. For more details, please take a look at our subsequent announcement.

Communal pond
79.75% of the total supply, about 159.5 million RABBITS.
RABBIT will be released over two years on an ever-changing emission schedule and will be evenly distributed across the ecosystem as a community reward.

Institutional base
5.25% of total supply, KELINCI 10.5 million
Provide a 5.25% investment quota for established institutions and investors. Upon completion of the investment, 245,000 RABBITs will be issued every 7 days, and 10,500,000 RABBITs will be issued within 300 days (about 10 months). The exact time will be determined, please note the following announcement.

Hard Hat : 10,500,000 RABBIT = 525,000 USDT Exchange
ratio: 1 RABBIT = 0.05
USDT Warchest Fund
5% of the total supply, about 10,000,000 RABBIT.
5% of the distributed tokens are reserved for future strategic spending. In the first month, 250,000 tokens were issued for listing, auditing, third-party services and partner liquidity commissions.

Development Fund
10% of the total supply, about 20,000,000 KELINCI tokens,
10% of the distributed tokens will be used to fund the development and expansion of the team and will be eligible for the same two-year award as the tokens from Fair Launch Distribution.

Community Collections Release Program

The RABBIT token will be released over a two-year period with an ever-changing emission schedule and will be evenly distributed across the ecosystem as a community reward.

There will be 159.5 million RABBITS in total. In order to incentivize first users, a bonus period will be in effect in the first weeks. Below is our planned block reward schedule. Based on this, a profile of the circulating supply of RABBITS can be built.

Open the pancakeswap depository and liquidity pool.
Users can start placing their assets in our vault.
We will record PancakeSwap RABBIT-BNB so people can start purchasing Rabbits as soon as 
this stage is designed to secure enough assets to borrow. and liquidity for Rabbit trading until next steps.
To make sure we give everyone enough time to get ready, we will start distributing prizes in blocks of xxxx,000 (approximately April 8, 2021, 00:00 UTC). The rabbit distribution plan will be updated as follows:

52% is distributed to liquidity providers for the RABBIT-BNB pool on PancakeSwap
48% is distributed to lenders who deposit BNB or BUSD and other tokens in our vaults - prizes will be split equally between batches of
officially launched
farm crops with leverage launched, farmers can open positioning farm yields using leverage and earns RABBIT prizes.

When we complete the audit of smart contracts, we will unlock the leveraged farm feature, thus completing our round of services. Our current estimate is at the end of April 2021.
We will make a separate announcement to the community ahead of the launch of Phase 2.
The bonus period lasts approximately one week, after the official launch of the project, the Rabbit distribution plan will be updated as follows:

40% is distributed among liquidity providers for the RABBIT pool - in PancakeSwap
25% is distributed among lenders who place BNB or BUSD and other tokens in our vaults - prizes will be split equally between the pool,
35% will be distributed among users opening positions for crops - prizes will be calculated based on the loan amount; only leveraged positions (> 1x) will receive a prize

For More Information:
Rabbit Finance website: http://rabbitfinance.io/

Github: https://github.com/RabbitFinanceProtocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit

Telegram: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN

Discord: https://discord.gg/tWdtmzXS

Contracts info: https://app.gitbook.com/@rabbitfinance/s/homepage/resources/contract-information

Audit report: https://app.gitbook.com/@rabbitfinance/s/homepage/resources/audit-report

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