Earn Money While Saving Nature By Joining Pieta Network


More or less, all bitcoin mining companies are well-versed in the traditional process of mining bitcoins. But recently, a variety of eco-friendly bitcoin mining techniques have come up in the market which is grabbing the attention of miners from all over the world.

The whole story behind bitcoin is to democratize the economy of the whole world. Due to the processing power requirements and an increase in the mining costs, the creation of a number of bitcoin mining pools has taken place recently. These mining pools are run by different data centres which belong to different companies. These companies invite different customers to invest for a significant share of Bitcoin as rewards.

The most crucial operation in the economy of Bitcoin is mining which is solely responsible for verifying and registering dealings on the blockchain. This kind of mining operation needs a huge amount of processing power in order to make it energy intensive.

Due to the growth in the number of bitcoin and its transactions, the mining of bitcoin is getting more and more difficult. For this reason, there is a high demand for processing of power which is a necessity in the bitcoin mining mechanism.

There is a good news for the companies who mine Bitcoin mining is that they can select places in order to set up their data centres where they can acquire alternative energy. In this way, they can maximize profit by reducing energy costs.

When the matter comes to price, electricity produced from renewable sources is always cheaper when compared to various other common sources. In the present time, the production of renewable energy is restricted to solar energy and harnessing the wind energy.

Pieta Network is a mining platform based out to bring renewable energy and a new algorithm for Cryptocurrency mining for its enterprise clients.

The platform was developed in early of 2018. It was founded by an entrepreneur, Rawi alsayed. The main goal of this company is to drive adoption of blockchain powered renewable and efficient energy solution for businesses of all scale and size. At the same time, Pieta envisions to make Mining a profitable and attractive affair for everyone irrespective of the individuals technological and financial prowess.

In order to do that, Pieta will use the new X20 algorithm which reduces energy consumption in blockchain mining. The X20 algorithm will keep the mining equipment cooler. In addition, Pieta also plan to encouraging the use of renewable solar energy in the crypto mining process to further reduce its cost and save the environment.

Pieta offers a new way to mine cryptocurrency in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Traditional cryptocurrency mining is notorious for using a great deal of energy, the heavy dependence on fossil fuel, which is harmful to the planet as well as unsustainable. To overcome this, Pieta solution will use the new X20 algorithm and renewable resources for all its cryptocurrency mining. Pieta missions is to:

  • Ensure fasttrack adoption of Green Energy Sources.
  • Make Solar Energy the key energy source for efficient businesses operations.
  • Drive Awareness Programmes to educate one and all about the present and future benefits of a smart, sustainable and comprehensive energy system.

Interested in investing on Pieta? The company is currently on pre-ICO phase of its native token, PITC, token sale. The total of 900,000 tokens is available on this phase with the initial price of $0.25 to $0.75. An exclusive bonus of 40% will be given to all the pre-ICO buyers. You can purchase the token with BTC and Dogecoin. This phase will end on May 14, 2019.

For more detail, you can visit Pieta Website, Whitepaper, or join their community on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.


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