Review of ICO project Betrium - sports betting with blockchain technology

Hello, my brothers. Today's review will especially appeal to those people who make sports bets. It's no secret that the current bookmakers, those that provide online services, are inclined not to pay out large winnings, underestimate the odds after accepting a bet and other ways of cheating customers. In general, they do everything in order not to pay you your money.

In order for this not to happen, a Betrium project was created. Since the site will be deployed on the blockhouse - all bets, match results, odds and other statistics will be publicly available.

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The Betrium project aims to provide solutions for winning rates based on a progressive decentralized platform. The platform offers actual opportunities for betting with minimal commissions. A participant can make bets using conversions with thoughtful control and reliability of their transactions. The project is aimed at strengthening the positions of a promising and transparent platform in the modern gambling market, the total volume of which is estimated at $ 533 billion. However, according to independent estimates, the scale of the unregulated gambling market has already exceeded one trillion dollars. To achieve such a result, the platform will succeed due to the balance of opportunities and the solution of pressing problems of the international gaming community.

The problem of existing bookmakers: the lack of international support, the localization of gambling in various countries and regions; there is no support for working with crypto currency; unfair conditions for users; high taxes and commissions; lack of a full API system.

Solving the above problems from Betrium: progressive opportunities for the organizers to make money using the platform. A unique platform for creating rates for event organizers has been developed; A powerful API for successful work. The developers declare the preparation of the first API with a wide range of opportunities for developers, preparing third-party applications, expanding the scale of stable successful work; work at the world level, taking the crypto currency in all states. 24-hour service is supported in 18 different languages; sharing of income. Each owner of the BTRM token will be able to receive 50% of the revenue of the Betrium platform; minimum commissions for work. When working with the service, there is no provision for commissions from deposits, withdrawals or winnings. Also, there are no taxes on users' personal income, decreasing the total costs for users by an order compared to any similar services; rates occur outside the network, are only in the block chain. At the same time, it is possible to instantly broadcast the results of events, providing a quick recount of winnings. As a result, high-speed service of all rates is established, based on the innovative decentralized IT-architecture.

Details of selling tokens

ICO: 05.04.2018 - 14.05.2018
Marker: BTRM
Price 1 BTRM = 0,0002 ETH
Soft Cap: 320 ETH
Hard Cap: 2 330 ETH
Total released tokens: 140 000 000 BTRM

Benefits of storing Betrium tokens

Half of the profits of the Betrium platform are planned to be divided into holders of internal BTRM tokens. The remaining resources are aimed at supporting, developing and further improving the platform. Accordingly, with the purchase of 10% BTRM, the user will be able to receive 5% of the total net profit of the project. In addition to payments to investors, it is planned to use coins for functions and internal options of the platform, increasing demand for it and expanding the international audience of users.

The project team

Maksym Suvorov
" CEO "

Andrey Rybalchenko

Nataliia Khotiaintseva

Dmitry Kazantsev

Alex Bykhun
" CTO "

Adrian Merakis

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