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Hello friends. I finally reached my blog. I've already had an interesting survey for you, but this time not the ICO project, but the already functioning decentralized Voise platform.

The site was designed specifically for connoisseurs of music and its authors. The main goal - to help a novice or little-known author of songs and music to gain popularity and earn money on his creativity. And so, let's talk about everything in order.

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The appearance of the Voise project

The Voise project was founded in the past, in 2017, by a small team of musicians and programmers. It so happened that the guys decided to combine their creativity and the latest technology. So the idea of creating a decentralized platform for Blockchain technology appeared. In just a couple of months, a project team was formed, a roadmap was compiled, advisers and Blockchain developers were found.

ICO turned for a couple of months. The project was able to attract about $ 8,000,000 to realize its idea. In the Voise team there were plenty of talented programmers, thanks to which the beta version of the platform was already working at the end of 2018.

Description of the platform

The Voise platform is very easy to use. To begin with, it is worthwhile to clarify that all users of the site are divided into: 1) authors of tracks 2) listeners of these tracks. If the first are registered on the site in order to earn or receive a name, the latter sit on the site only to enjoy the enjoyment of music. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

The author of the tracks. Well, I think it's clear what kind of person this is. Basically, this is not a popular musician, but a little-known, who also wants to earn his songs. So this musician, registers on the site, loads his track or the whole album, loads the cover, sets the cost of the track (in tokens or fiates) and publishes his track or album on the platform. This track or album is recorded in a reliable decentralized Blockchain chain, thereby confirming that the one who uploaded them is their only author and creator. By the way, the musician can and does not set any price to his tracks, he can upload everything for free, while launching a collection of donations. Any site user can throw an author of tokens for his art.

Listener or connoisseur of songs. Here I also think you understand who it is. All other users of the site, and in principle the authors of the tracks themselves, are listeners who can purchase any track of any author and listen to him, whenever and wherever. This kind of music downloading guarantees its use exclusively within the platform, pirates will not be able to steal the track and download it somewhere by extracting profit from it.

The process of buying music

As I wrote above, almost all the music on the Voise site is sold for the domestic currency - Voise tokens. These tokens are currently available on the site itself, as well as with the help of crypto-exchange exchanges. Fortunately they are enough now, and the token is lined with more than 10 exchanges. Buy tokens, transfer their purse inside the exchange and use it at your own discretion. You can buy any favorite track, or you can just donate any number of tokens to any songwriter.

Another way to earn money

You may not be at all the user of the Voise platform, but you can earn a certain amount of evergreen by buying Voise tokens and storing them in your wallet. After almost 4 months of falling, the crypto currency market has finally started to grow, which means that there is a chance to earn on the growth of tokens, and in this case the Voise token. For an example of good growth, you do not need to go. Literally for a couple of days, the token grew by more than 30%. Is this not an indicator of good growth and the prospects for the platform?

It is worth noting that many of the team's plans for the Voise platform have not yet been implemented, which means that there are real X-boxes for tokens. I recommend that you buy this crypto currency into your portfolio and put it aside for at least 1 year. As the team assures me - ahead of her there are many more meetings, where the team will be able to talk about their project and attract even more users and beginner musicians. In the meantime, more than 3,000 people are active users of the Voise platform. Well, potential growth, you yourself understand what can be, right?

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