Having created the transparent system of movement of cash on base a blockchain-Tecra and applying TecraCoin, the team will give to own players more promising plans. Tecra gives access to more skillful lawyers and experts, in that quantity to the special financial zone Kostrzyn Slubice which invested hundreds of million zloties in these firms as Zalando or BMW. The web platform on which experts will manage to bring own ideas will be introduced. After test by the Tecra team and taking into account vote of society all futures and promising plans will become focused on commercialization.

Thanks to an extensive experiment in the field of investments and to uncountable business contacts, any scientific and technical plan of Tecra gets a guarantee of own usefulness and future benefit in the world of a kommertsial. Applying technology Blockchain, Tecra Coin will create friendly space for players in absence need of long and difficult legal advice. The blockchain warrants that the movement of the investment capital and the processes of implementation will begin to be tested on any step.

Probability of the functional help of the real production companies is considered the main superiority of TecraCoin (for example, a decanter). The blockchain in itself is considered society. We are narrow-minded to Satoshi's thought of Nakamoto who is considered the distributed account book. It is investigative, PoW is not only bow to miners, however and equitable distribution. TecraCoin - one of the few cryptocurrencies on the basis of PoW because of which there is a profitable business (the planned introduction of graphene factories and formation of graphene technologies and medical technologies in the future).

Main advantages of a coin of Tecra?

The Tecra investment fund works the next way:

Receiving the TecraCoin cryptocurrency, investors will begin to allocate funds for the scientific and technical plans ready to realization.

Experts and business specialists of TecraCoin choose more promising plans and demand society Tecra to vote.

Vote results through purse, and the chosen plan will receive payment for realization.

Tecra Ltd. sets the car for the special purposes with the chosen plan and implements this plan.

After it as investments are made, Tecra acquires profit on the advanced plan.

Players with TecraCoin will manage to realize them at the corresponding exchanges or to block them through so-called cryptocurrency for the confirmed period of time and to catch corresponding remuneration; the enterprises intrigued in the developments (such as decanter) created by Tecra have every chance to exist are got with introduction of TecraCoins on interesting criteria.

Tecra directs periodically to take TecraCoins from the market, distributing 30% of-70% of own benefit (if is available). Purchase price is obliged to exist market.

For the subsequent plan of Tecra exhausts one more TCR within ICO and will begin to entice means for the newly made plan.

TecraCoin is a platform which gives a biological system which supports and unites researchers, communities and investors in compliance with the whole world, using Blockchain innovations as a prerequisite of personal advance. Tecra Ltd. cooperates with INTiBS (Institute of researches of low temperatures and structures). TecraCoin gives space where experts have every chance to catch compensation and to give them exchange of scientific administrations from uncountable researchers. TecraCoin will be the Platform which will own natural transactions.

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