OOOBTC is a digital asset exchange or a crypto exchange that serves the crypto space in at least 28 functional markets. A review of the OOOBTC exchange also indicates that OOOBTC gives access to trading for different pairs of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) are considered the main cryptocurrencies in the list.

An overview of the OOOBTC exchange indicates that in terms of security, they seem to be using a combination of two-factor authentication (2FA) and a cold wallet store. Apart from the fact that OOOBTC uses encryption technology to protect both its own account information and users' digital assets. The latter is from the point of view of users who use the wallet application provided by OOOBTC to save cryptocurrency or digital assets. The application or wallet OOOBTC also allows users to track transactions and manage funds.

BTC LLC still supports atomic cross-chain swaps or operations. This ensures a successful and safe exchange of digital assets in various networks or blockchains. In addition, the review of the exchange OOOBTC indicates that they have their own platform token, and specifically OOOBTC Token (ticker sign: OBX). OBX seems to be an ERC20 token with a total stock of 3 billion tokens.

In addition, it seems that a healthy 35% were reset for free to users in the community. Applications for the OBX token include voting, value-added services, game center implementation, credit card payment, self-service shopping center implementation, charitable donations, payment of the list and dividends.

Exchange opportunities OOOBTC:

For each currency exchange gives internal wallets.

Coins of users are saved on cold storages.

The data is solidly encrypted.

Available two-factor authentication based on Google Authenticator.

Accepts traders from all states.

Gives a modern list of opportunities to purchase coins.

To work on the exchange is allowed without deep profile checking. In this case, the limit on withdrawal of funds from domestic OOOBTC wallets is 0.4 BTC per day. If you provide site scans of documents to specialists, after verifying them you can shoot 100 bitcoins per day. However, for this, two-factor authentication must be activated.

The highlight of the trading terminal OOOBTC is considered an interactive schedule using the main indicators. Additionally allowed to determine its style and theme.

The exchange supports only market type orders. Apart from this, there is no margin trading. Which significantly reduces the efficiency of the game process.

Obvious advantages of OOOBTC:

Support for exotic crypts.

Gives them internal wallets.

Ensures the safe preservation of users and their funds.

Trading terminal with customizable interactive chart and indicators.

OOOBTC is a large digital asset market, manage a large large exchange of digital assets, now, at the moment and constantly, get the opportunity to start using all the advantages of modern technologies soon. The platform is based on correct and accurate technology, the terminal provides high-quality and reliable services, the guarantee of which is that you can commence trading with complete confidence and sell any money pairs in the absence of any unnecessary trouble. The platform is equipped with the highest security, various careful measures have been taken: cold storage systems, guarantee of protection of your fund - your own encrypted data and your account information using encryption technology, two-factor authentication. Available markets: BTC, USDT, ETH. Available languages: British, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese Simplified. You can summarize and conclude that this platform has the opportunity to be a good candidate for such cryptocurrency markets and exchanges providing similar or similar services, in no way inferior in quality of service.







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