Speaking of AgroExchange, it is a web platform that acts as a guarantor of transactions between end users using Blockchain technology. It consists of several decentralized payment methods, complex trading opportunities, intuitive user interfaces and high security protocols that ensure uninterrupted trading and transactions on different platforms. All users can also register Agri and their food products on the exchange, as well as receive real-time price notifications and sell them with the highest possible profit. In the same way, consumers can also buy the same product without paying a very large fee.

Who would have thought that modern society is so dependent on the simplest farmers and agro-industrial complexes, which daily produce only tons of food per day. Of course, everyone wants to eat always, and it is an integral part of our life. That is why the food sector accounts for up to 25% of global GDP. And this is only the beginning, as the population grows from year to year, and therefore the consumption of food with it also grows.

Thanks to a system of distributed registers, the AGRODEX project creates computer networks that are characterized by such concepts as security, determination and democracy. AGRODEX also uses decentralized data storage. Users have the right to store information and access the computing power of decentralized exchange with high-bandwidth networks for everyday use.

First acquaintance with BITAGRO.IO:

The project that gathered us here today is called Agro Exchange. As you already understood, it is he who intends to bring a new flow of opportunities into the world of outdated agrotechnical and food relations, using in his favor such modern technologies as Blockchain.

The platform itself is aimed at creating a comfortable B2B environment for all participants in the agro-industrial sector. The guarantor of all transactions within Agro Exchange will be its internal token, with which it will be possible not only to buy any goods, but also services of the agro-industrial sector. In addition, the platform allows farmers to save a lot of extra money, because the platform will not include intermediaries and other third parties that used to be the link between farmers and consumers.


Agrocoin is released by the Estonian Agro Exchange and is based on the popular and proven Blockchain technology. This is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum.

logoAgrocoins will also be available soon, and you can also immediately withdraw funds to your specific address using the META MASK or AgroDex application.

The Agrocoin logo allows you to participate in the distribution of company profits and buy services and membership on our platform.

The guaranteed Agrocoin Trading logo will be available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately after the end of ICO sales.

AgroDex platform is based on the blockchain, which is engaged in trade in agricultural crops and food. AgroExchange platform is aimed at promoting the global introduction of blockchain technology by ordinary people through integration with e-commerce channels using a decentralized payment platform.

The main advantages of Agro Exchange:

The main advantages of this system are its availability and ease of use, as well as a number of advantages inherent only in the Agro Exchange:

First, the project will have two working versions for the Internet and for mobile devices serving in the mobile application - AgroDex;

secondly, the use of internal tokens is so widespread that they can be used not only for the purchase of products or services that you like, but also for the purchase of membership on the platform. This service is able to provide privileges as well as other pleasant moments;

With the help of blockchain technology and a marker of the domestic agro exchange, many farmers will be able to label their business, which naturally will have a positive impact on the overall development of the agricultural sector;

Security inside the platform is designed to provide a system of smart contracts, through which all transactions will be recorded.

ICO details:

If we talk about the token, it will be developed on the basis of the standard Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). The main task of AGROCOIN is to provide all the workflows in the network and to be a reliable source of value for all participants of this project. You can easily buy a coin on available cryptocurrency exchange platforms, where you can buy it immediately at an affordable price.













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