The BIZpaye company is the versatile B2B and B2C trading platform of technologies intended for a kommertsial which gives unique services for all types of the companies. Thus helps them to make more earnings and to guarantee the most small-sized business model. Already at present the trade turnover of firm of times a year makes millions of dollars.

Bizpaye the platform integrated with technology of a blockchain for the uniform purpose to create the avenue where dealers and their customer have every chance to be engaged in business, applying #crypto. The ecosystem of electronic commerce of BIZpaye is decentralized and supplied, and they are going to give to users an opportunity to become owners of digital assets, selling products, and they have every chance just to spend the crypto property, getting the real products.


BIZpaye CRYPTO is considered share international category of BIZpaye which is considered versatile trading floor B2B and B2C. With the franchasing operations clasping 12 states of the world, participating sellers carry out trade in millions of dollars via the BIZpaye system every year now.

BIZpaye the Trading platform represents a system is so unique that was never made in the history of modern day of trade exchanges earlier.

BIZpaye the Trading platform is considered unique and at once industry-first which guarantees the most accurate and most attractive category of trade for a kommertsial, at that time meetings of the advanced day of expectation, when it comes to maintaining a kommertsial

BIZpaye gives to owners of a kommertsial the Fresh valuable source "Buyers", "Sales" and "Revenue".

BIZpaye is the system of credit and debit cards which allows the companies to find access to different goods and offers in the least competitive market, offering the category of monetary advantages which traditionally do not meet in the usual markets in any way or are not assumed by other payment service providers.

#crypto innovations which influence ethereum it uses technology of a blockchain to execute all transactions. The reasonable contract permits to the BIZpaye market to ensure transparency, safety, punctuality. Consensus.

Main mission BIZpaye:

The problem of BIZpaye consists in granting elastic and most comfortable techniques of implementation of transactions through all borders, providing at the same time perfect transparency and low collecting for mass audience within the ecosystem. The BIZpaye team directs to offer methods of elimination of idle time and reserve capacities for the small companies. and medium-sized companies which help them to find more considerable earnings and guarantee the most thrifty business model".

The most part of web shops realize in fiat currency that complicates acquisitions for clients in other country. For example, the Nigerian who wishes to get products or services in online store of the United States is obliged to pass intense function of creation of the account across the place of residence or, perhaps, elementary obliged to ignore purchase or services that is considered loss of the buyer. #bizpaye consists in what all sellers who show own products on the platform are obliged to take #crypto as a payment method, there will be no option of fraud or return of payment therefore that all transactions made by means of blockchain technology.

Purpose BIZpaye:

The purpose consists in choosing the favorable decision with the open initial code for development of an ecosystem of BIZpaye to provide really globally scalable, stable, decentralized and resistant solution both in short-term, and in the long term.

With this new unique innovation made by the BIZpaye platform I see that in the near future the world will be dexterously non-cash, eradicates the lime (counterfeit) currency means and risks connected with public transfer of a bigger share of currency means. With this probability to digitize payment service provider in all shares of our daily application; The Predicted longevity will become phlegmatic for holders #crypto. Dealers will begin to study trade business.

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