Neironix is a global integrated platform for evaluating investment risk in the blockchain economy. The platform automatically assigns ratings to projects based on math scores, neural networks, and multidimensional monitoring of bulk data. This platform works for monitoring and risk management , especially for high-uncertainty projects.
Neironix's mission is to provide financial and analytical information related to cryptographic markets around the world. This type of information is essential to make a balanced investment decision carefully and build a long-term market-driven strategy .

Highly motivated by increased investment

Digital assets mark a new stage in global economic development. An investment revolution has come because the investment in blockchain technology is not restricted by national boundaries. The Initial Coin Supply (ICO) has replaced the initial public offering (IPO) as the way to go for the digital economy.
Inadequate market regulation

Lack of rules and mechanisms to attract financial resources controlled by fiat currencies is a problem . The amount of resources that exceeds the capacity of the blockchain market. The use of Fiat currencies is controlled by venture capital funds and is not involved in coding investments because of the lack of sophisticated and clear risk assessment methods in the field.
Analysis of the landscape project competition

Currently, the blockchain market does not provide any information service that can be used to evaluate professional projects. Many rating agencies are working in the blockchain and cryptographic markets . They use the opinions of experts, which are very subjective. Opinions are also distorted and can not be used in professional assessment.

Historical record

This platform has a reliable database created based on events in the blockchain market . This platform has also built a strong information pool involving electronic money projects and financial data related to the cryptographic market.
Information transparency

The method used by this platform is very open to all users and allows them access to the main database. It creates confidence in the user because the quality of ratings and reliability of all project parameters are on the board. This allows investors to make a validation decision .
Neironix is the final product

Neironix boasts one of the most progressive products on the global market. Currently, more than 1.4 million dollars have been used in the investments of the platform.
The uniqueness of the team

This platform has an experienced and competent staff capable of successfully implementing online projects and functional business models.
Advance Time

Neironix is capable of defeating other competitors due to its system and ranking. The self-learning neurons of the platform and the continuous accumulation of databases allow it to compete fairly with others and eventually rise to the top.
Online data analysis

Neironix performs regular and continuous data analysis and then forwards it to project stakeholders to make weighted decisions carefully.
NRX Neironix Notification Token and ICO details

Their Token Utilities release platform, NRX, on the Ethereum blockchain platform .
Tokens can be used to purchase advertising services and the nature of information such as high-end listings, direct email, or remarketing. The product is ready and starts selling within about 10 days of the press time.
ICO parameters
Token: NRX
Sale Date: 09/01/18 - 11/30/18
Token: 0.001061571 ETH
Payment method accepted: Ethereum
Total supply: 140 million NRX
Notification standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000
Hardcap: $ 31,000,000
Neironix ecosystems include:
Neironix uses a toolkit - the content stream and information needed to select ICO projects for investment. The objects of Neironix are private and professional investors as well as ICO projects.

Neironix for private investors

The results of the final evaluation, multi-dimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Monitor and notify changes in a particular ICO project review;
Monitor the removal of road map obligations for each ICO project implemented;
Awareness of reports in communication and social media for each ICO project implemented;
Common indicators for electronic money and tokens;
Analytics for financial markets;
Access to adjustable notification systems that deal with monitoring financial analysis
Neironix is ​​for professional investors

The results of the final evaluation, multi-dimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Dynamic monitoring of risk factors and their impact on ranking results;
Flexible monitoring and notification system for deviations from the acceptable risk level for a particular ICO project;
Monitor the removal of road map obligations for each ICO project implemented;
Analysis of capital structure for each ICO project at each stage of the sale;
Analyze the key informant structure for each ICO project deployed;
Awareness of reports in communication and social media for each ICO project implemented;
Monitor the amount of pumping and volume that may be expected for each ICO project to be implemented;
Track calendars for the planned and actual token list;
Common indicators for electronic money and tokens;
Indicators and multipliers;
Historical data and analysis for financial markets;
Market evaluation and analysis;
Analytics for media and social tradition;
Structured data to prepare professional assessments



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