Investing in the Alive Casino


Online gambling has opened up a whole new world to those who like a flutter and you don’t even have to leave the house to take part.Today, there are hundreds of online casinos, each with a wide selection of games, features and player options. Players can now enjoy a selection of table games, card games, video poker, arcade games, scratch card games and live dealer games all in one convenient location. As technology is advancing daily especially in the world of blockchain technology ,One industry where the application of blockchain technology has been very effective is in the online gambling sector, and one of such platforms is the Alive Casino. The Alive Casino’s chief objective will be to operate in such a way that allows online casinos to occupy a greater share of the gambling market by introducing new concepts of gambling; hence , virtual reality technology to aid gambling.


Investing In The Alive Casino

  • Alive casino Identified a huge Gap in the market worthy of exploring. Currently, Alive casino will introduce VR technology to enhance the feel of the gaming experience,Imagine not reading about Ancient Rome in history class but actually exploring it in VR. Alive casino believes that there’s an unfulfilled demand for high-quality gaming experience within the general public and by various online casino companies.
  • Investors will benefit if the dollar price for today’s Alive token rises. Currently at $0.025, if demand surges it will be really rewarding for investors.
  • Alive Casino is in partnership with BetConstruct and is making plans to create a Live Games Studio, and this initiative will cut cost by eliminating the need of 3rd party providers, hence, the investors and holders of the Alive token will get larger profits no matter the duration.
  • The platform has a team of expert dealers whose duties go beyond just dealing cards, as they contribute their quota at ensuring that the players are comfortable and safe. Long-term relationships with clients and this is why Alive dealers are fully active on social media, as a step at fostering friendship with every player.
  • Transparency is key with Alive Casino, and it employs the use of smart contracts to executes transactions. Alive casino also uses high level cryptography and HSM for security and safety of digital assets from hacks and thefts. It eliminates intermediaries or 3rd parties to help with quick receipts of earnings by players.

Token Details

Symbol :AL
Soft cap : $10.000.000
Hard cab : $30.000.000
Total supply : AL
Current token price : $0.025
Technical specifications : ERC20 token
Decimals: 04


Unique Team

Alive Casino have ambitious goals which will enable them to set new standards for the Gambling Market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Alive Casino have LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.



From the marketing standpoint Alive Casino capabilities are limitless. Virtual Reality technology is helping to shape online casino gaming , bringing a new sought after gaming experience with endless possibilities. Potential Investors will surely be fascinated and would definitely want to know more. I like the project and I urge all potential investors out there to have a look at there website for more information.

NOTE: This article is just a guide to potential clients, stakeholders and everybody itching for a snip of this wonderful project and its published regarding bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project. The whitepaper will provide an in-depth and thorough analysis of this wonderful project. You can click on the link below and find out more about this wonderful project.

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