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Swinca - The Platform for Real-Estate Finance Revolution 🏡


Project description

The SWINCA project developers are striving to modernize the real estate industry by combining this business with modern technologies, such as blockchains and cryptocurrencies, as well as to enable users and investors to become the owner of several real estate objects with a high income in a few minutes. The team created a platform for managing real estate, whose users each month receive a share of the income that Swinca generates by distributing the operating profit gained among investors. All these actions are performed in the blockchain in order to ensure transparency and security.

The Swinca platform is easy to use, instantaneous and does not require minimal investment to automatically receive the corresponding rental income and capital gains. The goal of the project is to provide anyone who wants access to any opportunity to invest in real estate around the world. They can transparently choose what percentage of an apartment, home, office, or land they want to invest. In this way, they can benefit from a personalized real estate portfolio that is flexible to manage.

We expect a better return on investment than most competitors and current solutions that do not use the blockchain for their real estate assets. A participant may decide for a part of their rental income to be paid in a SWI coin, which is intended to increase the value with a pig over time.


The problem

Real estate investments are considered attractive, safe and of great profit. However, it is still difficult, it has limitations and entry barriers. Thus, ownership of properties is not as accessible as it should be, while remaining slow and inefficient

  1. There is no liquidity in the real estate market.
  2. Transactions (purchase, sale, exchange) still take time and are expensive.
  3. Unfair monopoly (notaries, brokers) situations for retail investors.
  4. Fractional investments are not a reality, and the required minimum investments are too high.

Therefore, not everyone can easily access real estate investments. Especially those that give better returns. Small retail investors are left to the type of investment when they can really bring liquidity to the market. We want to give them the choice to invest and disinvest how they want.


The solution

Real estate crowdfunding platforms are one of the only solutions on the market to deliver something close to what Swinca does. They bring the opportunity to invest fractionally, to receive dividends and capital gains on real estate assets, but still remains not quite optimal. We see these platforms as “hybrids”. They offer “joint ownership” for free and instant fractional ownership. In the past few years, they have been great opening up the market and raising awareness of what fractional investment and liquid real estate assets could offer, but they remain very limited in investment choices.

  1. The tokenization of real-world assets on the blockchain is one of the main uses for the blockchain for 2019. Thus, providing the opportunity to large and small investors to participate in large investments, they can easily and instantly make transactions with each other. Thus, we bring liquidity to the market, making transactions with assets instantaneous, cost-effective and much easier. In addition, these transactions are completely transparent using the blockchain, which means that investors now have the opportunity to make informed decisions with an open track record, including all the information they need (employment level, number of previous transactions, profitability, valuation, etc.) .
  2. Our goal is to provide anyone with access to any real estate investment opportunities around the world. They can transparently choose in what proportion of an apartment, house, office or land they want to invest. In this way, they can benefit from a personalized portfolio of properties that can be managed.
  3. We expect a higher return on investment than most competitors and current solutions that do not use blockchains for their real estate assets. A member may decide to pay a portion of his rental income in a SWI coin, which over time significantly increases the value of Swinca.

Despite their appeal, they must ask for a minimum amount for investments that they have to withhold for a certain period of time before they sell. In addition, transactions with owners are laborious and expensive, which leads to the maintenance of the illiquidity of the real estate market.



Properties are marked on the blockchain. The Swinca platform is easy to use, instant and does not require minimal investment. After investors distribute their investments to specific properties, they automatically receive rental income and capital gains without barriers to managing anything.

90% of returns to investors are returned to investors and a 10% fee is charged to support Swinca’s business. Gilt will receive alternative income streams (in more detail in terms of the business model), but at the moment these 10% represent the main revue of the pig. That is why it is in the interests of Swinca to carefully search, analyze and negotiate investment deals with an emphasis on high-quality properties that bring high returns.

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