People who make it happen

The team behind BCharity comprises of dynamic and visionary individuals with a disruptive streak! This group is an amalgamation of super achievers from multiple fields!

This top-class group of people works gratis for BCharity and has come together as each of them shares a sheer passion for making a difference to the global charity ecosystem. Strong advocates of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, they all share a common, unwavering belief in disrupting the global charity space.

The team uses regular team chats to define the course of action and decision making on behalf of BCharity.

Let us get to know a few star players from this group, who are critical to BCharity’s success:

Vladislav Kolodistyy, CEO and Founder

It is his deliberate intent to rewrite the global charity ecosystem that has made Vladislav Kolodistyy, a visionary, the leading force at BCharity. A marketing evangelist, who chairs the Charity Finance Group, Vladislav is a Hubspot Academy alumni!*sH6CIKOF7L8KwMm_g2_K8A.png

Matthew Guignard, Co-CEO

Matthew Guignard, who joins forces with Vladislav Kolodistyy, is a successful entrepreneur and will play a significant role in scripting the success story of BCharity. A Managing Partner at ‘This is G,’ a full suite technology company, Mr. Guignard is a Technology Advisor at IC3 Cubes. As the face of BCharity, he acts as the communication link bridging BCharity seamlessly with the external stakeholders.*5EdizIOjf6nBgrdVzd8euw.png

Robby Schwertner, Co-Founder

Robby Schwertner, fondly known as CryptoRobby, is a huge influence in the Blockchain and Crypto space. He has founded Blockchain #Return on Society Foundation. Robby, who is fluent in Chinese, English, Russian and German is an acknowledged public speaker!*UgqUvMrE05GnNkJaQoWldA.png

Pramod Mendonca, CTO

A technology wizard, Pramod brings with him 15 years of experience in software development lifecycle with a passion for Blockchain that is palpable! Pramod holds a master’s degree in Computer Science with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence related applications. A well-admired professional in his circle, Pramod is unwavering in finding a solution to any problem that comes his way!*AtSYnHo_v1a3nmrCqq8AGw.png

Roman Prischip, Head Developer and co-founder

Roman, who is in charge of engineering development at BCharity, brings in significant experience in web resources development. Roman, who holds a Master’s degree in Engineering, will add immense value to BCharity technology development.*TF2HS8pKo5FOJLwk2-38gQ.png

Dmitry Maslo, Co-Founder

A project management expert, Dmitry has planned, managed and delivered multiple internet projects. Dmitry is currently focused on managing projects in cryptocurrency and is an advisor for numerous IT ventures. Being an active philanthropist, his specific expertise and philanthropic interest will be invaluable to BCharity.*X0ZyVMBnxHEOuHfu2Lui6A.png

Advisor Team

The advisor team of BCharity consists of successful professionals, who are leading drivers of change in their respective fields. BCharity is set to gain tremendously with what they bring to the table through their network, individual capabilities, mentorship and expertise. Some of the significant names are:

Gery Baes, International Business Development

An acclaimed international humanitarian, Gery Baes is a force to reckon with in the field of philanthropy and health-based businesses. His business interests are focused on promoting best practices in health care around the globe. A firm believer in the positive impact of blockchain-based applications on all aspects of life, Gery has a Doctorate in health sciences. His international network and impeccable credentials in the charity space will be of immense significance to BCharity.

Jamil Hasan, Business Coach and Facilitator

A blockchain Guru, Jamil Hassan understands blockchain technology like no one else and his book ‘Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance’ just hit #1 on Amazon’s best seller list. An Advisor for several tokenized companies, Jamil, who holds a Master’s Degree in Finance,has a deep understanding of Finance.

Tharawat Abdul Malik, Blockchain Technology

Abdul Malik has a rich experience of over two decades in technology and business. He is a Founding member of IdeaGist Blockchain Incubator and a freelance Blockchain/ICO advisor to a host of startup ventures. He is a member of executive boards and a volunteer in multiple charitable organizations.

Nathan Christian, Fintech International Speaker

Nathan Christian is a serial entrepreneur with over 35 start-ups in his portfolio.He is an accomplished blockchain and Fintech international speaker and is a top 10 ranked member of the “People of Blockchain.” He is deeply passionate about Blockchain space and is six sigma black belt certified!

Valentine Gandhi, Impact Metrics

A Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences from IIT Mumbai, Valentine Gandhi successfully wears multiple hats. He is an Implementation Scientist, Policy Advisor, Evaluation Specialist and ICT4D Expert. A strong advocate of Blockchain technology for social good, he will be mentoring BCharity on impact metrics.

Tyler Wayne, ICO Marketer

A successful ICO marketer, Tyler Wayne is an advisor on 8 ICOs raising more than $130 million. Has a keen eye for identifying companies with high potential for success and is known for his ‘out of the box’ solutions for achieving success.

Wulf Kaal, Director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI)

A blockchain enthusiast, Wulf Kaal is an advisor to several EU and US crypto companies. A strong advocate of crypto economics, Wulf Kaal had successful stints at Goldman Sachs and Cravath. He holds an MBA from Durham University and a Ph.D. in Law and Economics from the University of Illinois.

Nikolay Shkilev, Crypto enthusiast and mentor

Winner of several awards and titles in the IT business, including ‘Self-made Russia,’ ‘Tech guru’ and ‘Super TOP’ awards, Nikolay Shkilev is an entrepreneur! He is the Co-Founder of “Top ICO Advisors,” is rated TOP 10 in People of Blockchain. Owner and co-owner of dozens of successful large-scale business projects, Nikolay Shkilev is also an ICO advisor and ICObench expert.

His Holding received “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin.


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