Verasity is a video sharing platform that serves content creators and rewards viewers with VERA tokens only for watching content, sharing videos, watching advertisements, and for reference. Over the past few years, brands have changed their advertising model to allow influencers to share products with their audience. This gives the product more personal touch and translates to better conversions.

Verasity will provide a way for viewers to help support their favorite channels using VeraSparks. VeraSparks is a smart contract that allows viewers to buy and own a portion of the channel, and is rewarded with benefits especially in future growth.


Videos on the Verasity system are hosted on the world's largest CDN (Akamai) rather than using decentralized video distribution technology that has not been proven. From the start, users will receive high-quality experiences that they have consistently developed and that are important for platform adoption.

Verasity video player technology (VeraPlayer ™) has distributed more than 8 Petabytes of data in a month and has been embedded in leading ICO ranking sites such as ICO Bench.

Blockchain is decentralized - high-performance blockchain Verasity will provide the throughput needed to support micro transactions on scale, overcome congestion, and other problems such as users who force heavy forks.

Proof-of-View (Patent Pending)- Ensures accurate and safe audience metrics, allows for independent audits, and handles issues such as fraudulent advertising and fake display / bot.

Spark Marketplace - Think of the next evolution of crowdfunding where users will be able to directly fund the growth of content and fund projects such as feature films and then receive an ongoing share of success in VERA.

Economic Model - Working with Dr. Christian Jaag (founder of the Cryptoeconomics Center), Verasity has commissioned one of the most extensive economic analyzes ever carried out on crypto economics. The model, which was created from thousands of simulations and stress tests, was designed to create a stable economy with an inflation rate of 3%. More information can be found at this link:

vDaf - a series of online video platform products designed for international broadcasters and large media outlets. The Verasity product range will enable them to use our video platforms, CMS, VeraPlayer ™ with integrated wallet, analytics, Proof-of-View ™ technology, and finally our strong monetization system that allows donations, pay per view, monthly subscriptions, and a revolutionary Spark Marketplace.

Compliance Token - Verasity is compliance with SICOP (Sustainable ICOs Protocol), which means that Verasity is committed to conducting a safe and secure ICO, maintaining good practice and ethics. More information is available:

The current economic situation of sharing videos
Online video is big business. Cisco estimates that by 2021, video traffic will reach 82% of total consumer traffic. In 2016, this figure was 73%. YouTube itself is estimated to be worth at least $ 75 billion.

However, it is not effective in the current video sharing business model that Verasity wants to exploit. The rise of ad blocking software is one example. According to the PageFair ad blocking page, 615 million devices use ad blocking software; increased by 30%. And that's 2016!

Second, because websites like YouTube rely on ad revenue to survive and pay for their creators, advertisers use greater control over content. YouTube 'Adpocalypse' as it has been dubbed, has seen many content creators generate huge revenue for their income. This has led to increased third-party revenue alternatives such as audience contributions (such as Patreon) and sponsored videos. Viewers, especially those who like to see content that might not be considered 'advertiser-friendly', also lose this.

Third, because content creators are mainly compensated by appearance, unethical practices can arise when they track views. The most common are buy views, where bots (or other methods) are used to increase the number of views. A quick Google search for 'buy YouTube views' will give you dozens if not hundreds of options.

Finally, as a centralized platform, it is the responsibility of its shareholders, not viewers. Viewers are only there to make money. Verasity wants to change all that and prioritize viewers while maintaining a decent economic model.

What problem does Verasity try to solve?

For Audiences:

  • Viewers are rewarded for their attention by advertisers if they choose to watch advertisements
  • Restore their data - decide what demographic data to share with advertisers
  • The ability to directly support their favorite creators
  • Proof-of-View ™ verifies that viewers are genuine, and sends content / display ads to the blockchain, removing all fake views.

For Makers / Publishers:

  • VERA cryptocurrency removes brokers (transaction costs are much lower than orders of 45% large video platform commissions)
  • Immediate payment (no longer waiting 60-90 days to receive payment)
  • Proof-of-View ™ technology eliminates "fake video display" to ensure all content can be found fairly and equally
  • Centralized CDN infrastructure to ensure all content can be streamed in high quality (HD, 60 FPS), low latency and low buffering

For Advertisers:

  • Combating advertising fraud, greater ROI for media spending, true accountability
  • Higher involvement and interaction with viewers through 'permission' based advertisements (viewers choose to watch advertisements and are rewarded in VERA coins)
  • Partnerships with a new wave of blockchain-powered media agencies already exist with AdBank, XCHNG and The Truth Agency to provide full transparency of advertising to all media brands in media purchases throughout the value chain
  • Their version of the centralized internal bank controls the currency used across platforms and utilizes the tools of fiscal policy and monetary policy to control the economy of their platforms. The purpose of the foundation is to stabilize it for all users.


The platform token is called VERA, and will be a media exchange and gift for making videos, sharing and watching across platforms. Through various methods to produce VERA for each type of user - viewers, content creators, advertisers and sponsors - Verasity hopes to attract more people to use the platform and contribute to its economy.


Symbol: VRA
Price: 1 VRA = 0.0075 USD increases by 1% per 24 hours during sales
MVP / Prototype: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Payment Received: ETH, BTC
Total Token Supply: 12,491,500,000
Hard Cap: 6,245,750,000 VRA
Min Purchase: 10,000 VRAs
Limited Area: US (Only accredited), Cayman Islands, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen

General Sales

Started: May 21, 2018–3PM (UTC)
Ended: July 11 2018–3PM (UTC)
Soft Cap: $ 4 Million (Pass)
Hard Cap: $ 25 million
Price Tokens: See for current prices - increasing by 1% every day
Minimum Participation: Around $ 100
Maximum Participation: None
Main Details for Public Sales Tokens Verasity:
KYC / AML White List Process opens: April 26, 2018
Public Sales starts: May 21, 2018 (15:00 UTC)
General Sales closes: July 11, 2018 (15:00 UTC)
Making and distribution of Tokens: On 12 August 2018
Total VERA Available: 6,245,750,000 (unsold tokens burned)

How to Buy VERA Tokens
Verasity Token sales now! Every day the price of VERA will increase by 1% so make sure you jump and get it at the best price!


Because Verasity has not started a strong marketing effort, it is difficult to predict how their ICO and tokens will work in the short term. However, the Telegram group has reached more than 25 thousand members, which is decent, meaning we can immediately see an increase around this project. One thing that Verasity is doing is that it has committed itself to the ICO Sustainable Protocol, a new initiative, and a methodology to ensure that ICO is sustainable, safe and prosperous.

In the long run, Verasity's unique business model makes it stand out from the package. Its core advantages are blockchain ownership and expansion, Proof of View technology and many monetization options for content creators. Although it is still too early to predict what the project will be like, Verasity is a promising project in a market space designed to change.

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