Zeux: Disrupting the financial services and the crypto payments world

Technology lovers and ICO programs with many of diff features on block tech. now, as a person who has a similar passion for block tech and is an investor in Initial coin offering made from this modern tech, I wish to share with you a program called ZEUS platform. In the framework of this blog post, I just get first on the project feature so you can imagine what the ZEUS platform brings us all in life.

ZEUS platform – Features

Have you ever encountered one of the following features? You wish to invest in a few plans but the procedure and method are much – much complicated and you’re asked to open a lot of accounts and manage them by many of diff people? Do you wish to transfer cash or digital asset to your family anyplace in the whole world, but the term is not timely and costs are very much high? I know you wish to join digital asset word, but cannot find the correct way and place to join, or you’re one of the luck some of to own a digital coin or money but you cannot spend than in his regular usual life? Now, imagine a system in which the entire such issues are resolved via jus the ZEUS platform.

With the ZEUS platform, you will see and manage the entire of your financial accounts, in a place without any issue. And with Artificial Intelligence helps will purpose the correct investments for you based on all your preparation of threat, including the ciphers.

If the item you pick needs a new profile to open, this’ll simply be completed by the concierge ZEUS platform KYC feature, taking benefit of currently most advance tech block chain, and to transfer money via the ZEUS platform can be completed rapidly with much more affordable and reasonable costs.

When using this ZEUS platform you will also be offered a ZEUS platform virtual cast that allows you to complete day by day payments by digital money or fiat money using Google pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

COBINHOOD digital money Trading Application to Advise ZEUS platform ICO Token Launch for ZUC (ZEUX Coin)

COBINHOOD has been shaped like a digital coin service system which has a Zero charger exchange to make sure investors are getting the finest out of their investments. They went forward to launch a collaboration they’ve got into with an economical solution upstart, ZEUS platform. The collaboration was established to help supporting plus also guidance on the firms’ Initial coin offering (ICO).

The firm has made a ZEUS platform token, which is referred to as the ZUC or ZEUS coin, a token that has been designed in a way it can use its smart contracts in assuring that all the assets that have not been sold at the finish of the ICO will rapidly get burned. It is to make sure the firm has adequately secured the assets that the participants have put.

Currently, the firm has been capable to set a hard cap allocation that is about 50k ETH during the initial phase. The entire funds that will be issued during the initial coin offering are planned to be applied for the progress of the next plan ZEUS platform getting into.

A superior Look at the Market

As we’ve seen over the times, adequate economic services tend to play an extremely unique role when it comes to each day activities that take place with a business. With advancements and innovations taking place in modern tech, it has led to an increasing demand for payments being made cleanly, smoothly and efficiently with the utilization of a cell phone. But this is not the all as all investors went smooth access to their investment via their cell phones.

The main mission for the ZEUS platform is to be the first to transform the entire services offered in the economic sector; this is just by assuring they’ve made complex, burdensome plus costly or exclusive management procedure to be much cleaner and clear for investors. They also aim at creating them more reasonable for the entire and convenient for the clients on their platform. As an outcome, they’ll be capable to offer the finest services in the marketplace that is accessible to each one.

Final words about ZEUS platform

That is why the public who created ZEUS platform want to bring you highly improved experiences in life. Join ZEUS platform and enjoy an economic world, All In One.


Website: https://www.zeux.tech/

Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ZeuxApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp

Telegram: https://t.me/zeuxapp


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