UZOMA is a decentralized hotel voucher system supported by Ethereum Blockchain , where people can find a special price for hotel rooms in Bali. The company's goal is to make a revolution in the field of tourism, reducing the monopoly route OTA.

UZOMA is an ecosystem in which everyone can enjoy cheaper travel without paying unfair commissions to intermediaries who have no added value and also get a big discount for hotels in Bali. Providing a simple, all-in-one travel payment solution using cryptocurrency and blocking technology. The company's mission is to provide an easy, affordable and secure platform for paying for flights, hotels, tours and travels in Bali. Clients of the UZOMA system love this company for low tariffs, configuration options and resale services. Thanks to the advanced features of the blockchain technology , UZOMA provides rooms, tours and trips in the integrated market 20% lower without affecting profits.

UZOMA platform will offer its users a wide range of services that provide many advantages when planning trips. All these services can be paid for using the UZOMA token . UZOMA - it tokens based on ERC20 bound for the market to blockchain with intelligent contracts.

The UZOMA company wants to create a completely decentralized tourism system, where any people from all over the world will have good prices for hotels in Bali and enjoy an individual approach to their travel needs with genuine experience, wherever they go. UZOMA is more than just a payment method. It is an integral part of the community reward and return for contribution philosophy.

The concept of the UZOMA system is significantly different from other projects. UZOMA platform not only facilitates payment and financial issues, but also provides the platform that is necessary for our community. The team calls this platform UMA JOBFREELANCER . The team believes that there are so many people around them who have certain skills, but it’s hard to get a good job because there is a lack of information. For this reason, the work of UMA is one of the unique ecosystems in UZOMA .

Company UZOMA in the future will work with some of the game developers to create a special ecosystem, which will increase demand for tokens UZOMA market.

Information portal UZOMA will provide information about Fintech, Cryptocurrency, in relation to Forex, e-commerce and information related to the business world. The main goal of UMA NEWS is to update information about the business media so that visitors receive useful information.

UZOMA will make an ecosystem that will bring small deals in Bali, and maybe be sold internationally. A professional team will support and assist them so that they can expand their market.

This is the place where any internet user gets can get a free UZOMA token just by performing a simple task. In this platform, the user must have a facebook account, a Twitter account and an instagram account.

Any user will be able to access all services only through a mobile application without too much difficulty, as well as get access to world-class services. UZOMA with its partners around the world will provide customers with the lowest fares, hotels, vacations, cruises, attractions and adventure sports through applications. Everything will be available on your mobile phone in just a few clicks.

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