Quantocoin ICO - The Future of Banking

The Quantocoin project aims to build a next-generation model for the future of financial services and digital banking by harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology and incorporating bio-identification system to ensure safe and secure access for each user using its platform. Further, the project intends to popularize its token "QTCt" as a new generation digital currency which is fast, secure and reliable.

The primary objective of the Quantocoin project is to bridge the gap of digital banking and provide banking access to nearly 3 billion people across the globe who are 'un-banked' and 'under-banked'.

The project aims to solve the current challenges affecting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by people. It proposes to build a banking platform "QTC Bank" which can allow users to use banking solutions with smooth interoperability between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The token hosted on the Quantocoin platform (i.e. QTCt), is partially backed by the “Bancor Protocol” characterized by the Constant Reserve Ratio, based on the 'floating pool management algorithm' (FPMA)

The Quantocoin platform through QTCt tokens would be hosted on the Smart Contract based Waves platform, which is currently the fastest blockchain system

QTCt Wallet allows to host and store a wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, along with wide range of FIAT currencies

Auto lending (micro financing) process

Ability to connect with 3rd party mobile payment services (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)

Cashless and contact-less (Beacon and NFC) transactions. The Beacon Technology eliminates the requirement of GPS / Phone Reception and specialized 'Point-of-Sale (PoS)' hardware

Issuance of QTCt Debit Card, allowing it to be used for online and offline transactions, wherever the cards are accepted in local fiat currency

QR Payments

The Quantocoin project uses the following technologies: -

A. Waves Blockchain Technology - Quantocoin project is hosted on world's fastest open blockchain platform (i.e. Waves).

B. OneWeb - OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb and Airbus, to manufacture low-cost, ultra-high-performing satellites at high-volumes.
A constellation of 648 satellites circling the Earth in low orbit would provide affordable and high speed access for everyone.


The Quantocoin project has received good ratings from reputed ICO tracking websites.
https://www.trackico.io/ico/quantocoin/ [Rating 4.6/5] [ICO Verified]
https://icomarks.com/ico/quantocoin [Rating 8.3/10]

The QTCt Tokens will be the utility token used on the Quantocoin ecosystem. The Quantocoin platform will be hosted on the Waves Blockchain Network.

Symbol - QTCt
Maximum Token Supply - 70 million QTCt (The total token supply is fixed)
No. of Tokens Available for Sale - 62.16 million QTCt (i.e. 88.8% of token supply)
Payment Method - BTC, ETH, Fiat Currencies
Token Standard - Waves Platform
DTO (Distributional Token Offering) Period - Start Date - July 1, 2018 ||| End Date - April 30, 2019
Funds Already Raised - $ 11.03 million

QTCt Token Distribution


The Quantocoin project is conceptualized by a core team of experts possessing wide range of professional experience in the field of financial management, marketing, sales and business development, blockchain technology, IT (including information technology management and software development) etc.

The 'Quantocoin' project is primarily led by Dr. Alexander Horst and Victor Pablo; Co-founders of the project. Both the co-founders possess immense corporate experience in the fields of legal and fintech consultation, HNI Wealth Management etc.

For more information on the Quantocoin team, please refer the following link: -


Thus, the Quantocoin project is one of the most promising projects in the crypto space which aims to bridge the gap of digital banking by harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology and integrate around 3 billion un-banked / under-banked people around the world with the banking infrastructure.
For more information on the Quantocoin project, please refer the following links: -

Website: https://quantocoin.io/
White paper: https://quantocoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WP_QTC_2562018-TESTING2-1.pdf
AML and KYC Policy: https://quantocoin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/AML.FIN_.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/quantocoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qtcdto/
Telegram (English): https://t.me/QTCcoin
Telegram (Russian): https://t.me/QuantocoinRussia
Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2897398.0
Contact: https://quantocoin.io/contact/
Subscribe at YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fCUh5XSXBsVTDJ9Bsdt1w


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