We have seen thousands of cryptocurrencies on different trading platforms since the inception of bitcoin in 2009 aimed at specific market. Little have we seen it explore the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that is huge business now with an estimated $19 billion global spending in just the year 2018 which is double the amount invested last year, giving proof that we are being introduced to this rapid growing business presently in the world. Though the use of AI technology to businesses today is very relevant as it reduce cost of operations, increase efficiency and improve customer experience as generate revenue rapidly, yet there is a problem as the demand for data scientist, artificial intelligence expert are increasing everyday resulting in the high price payment of the few specialist which is now a big problem to many organizations today. Also is the problem of complexity in adaptation and integration of this into businesses that will solve their day to day problem together with security. All of these issues are what Mindsync has been working hard to provide a lasting solution.

Mindsync Solution
In bringing about a permanent solution to this problem Mindsync is creating a unified platform that will establish an active community, create a suitable marketplace, exploit crypto mining farms and deployment of a blockchain. All of this is aimed at improving the competence on the Mindsync platform allowing developers to make steady income or contribute to the community and help others build new solutions based on their own skills.

About Mindsync Platform
Mindsync is a platform and a global community of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts that will help businesses of all types thrive. It is an AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) and ExaaS (Expert-as-a-Service)platform that help solve business problems related to customers through artificial intelligence based solutions that is easily available and affordable to a wide range of businesses. Strategic partnership with decentralized supercomputer projects and crypto mining farms by Mindsync will make computing power available to community members and customers. They will also earn rewards for using this platform, exchange experience and communicate with individuals of same mind set for personal and professional growth.

When a business is facing a particular problem they can post it as a challenge on the Mindsync platform which will be visible to all the community members, and all those who are interested and are experts in the platform will register for the challenge after accepting the terms and conditions involve. The team of experts or individual that create the solution to the problem will submit their work for review by the customer in need and other experts in the community. And if the review is successful the customer buys the solution. But for an individual to be part of the community he has to create an account with Mindsync which is totally free and then he is liable to enjoy all the benefits associated with the platform. The more a member participates in competition and projects he gains more rating and value on the platform, the know-your-customer verification process help build trust and transparency on the platform. Members can also choose to create a group that will help them for easy collaboration and provide privacy to datasets access, these set of data can be in a packaged form which can be pictures or written words stored in the platforms blockchain and can be made public or private as the case may be while the conditions on which other participants can utilize the information on the data will be properly specified. Interaction with the community by customers will help them contributes to the community and gain knowledge through learning and teaching others as well and be rewarded for their hard work with money.
One important part of the Mindsync platform is the rating system which is a huge tool for checking the progress and achievements of participants on the platform. And this rating system comprises of three main components which are;
• Competition as the first component, the problem solving attitude of members is being verified in this component and there success measured. The value of each participant in this category is determined by the range of tasks he has participated with the position he occupies in the standing order and the level of competition in these tasks.
• Contribution to the community is the second component and this includes participation in discussions, disclosure of participants’ solution and their description, preparation of training material and interaction with customers and competition preparation.
• Self-regulation is the third and final component, and this part allows participants to give out some share of their own reputation points at their own will. This is aimed at giving the community a way for expressing individuals’ recognition in case the rating system is not flexible enough.

Mindsync is a decentralized software marketplace for data science companies, software engineers and data scientist implementing its platform using Ethereum on smart contracts. There are three major types of Mindsync smart contracts which are;

Machine Learning Contest. A smart contract can be created by any user of the Mindsync platform using its templates he will create competition rules and contest duration for which he will have to pay depending on the length of the contest.
Mindsync Platform Contract. This contract consist of the data reputation of users, as it will be given favorable vote or not, this will help the integrity of the platform as fraudulent activities will be minimized and the offenders being brought to book and punished.
MAI Token Contract. This contract will store the balance of users of the platform and direct where the tokens will be allocated to either for competition prize or expert fees.
Token sale and fund allocation
The MAI will be the utility token used on the Mindsync Ethereum Blockchain platform it is an ERC-20 token type. And out of the 1 billion token that will be produced 50% of it that is 500 million tokens will be for public sale and 20% which will amount to 200 million tokens will be for reward pool, also 15% which is 150 million tokens will be kept for the team who is working tirelessly to make all these possible and 8% that is 80 million tokens will be for Mindsync foundation, 5% meaning 50 million tokens will be given to the advisors of this project and the final 2% which is 20 million tokens will be for bounty. As shown in the diagram below.

Tokens Distribution

Allocating and mistreatment funds

The world tilting toward the adoption of artificial intelligence technology in a grander scale, Mindsync is pioneering it by creating a blockchain platform that is user friendly with a low cost and enhanced security system. There are benefits for all from the participants who will gain knowledge, experience and monitory reward for making use of the platform to customers who will get solution to their problems and more insight about their specific data, and even the platform itself will benefit in that its community will be developed and more persons will be more likely to join the community. We employ you to carefully read this article and be part of this great community. And enjoy all the benefits it carries.
Contact and more information visit the links below.

Website: https://mindsync.ai/
Whitepaper: https://mindsync.ai/
Telegram: http://t.me/mindsync_ai
Facebook: https://fb.me/mindsync.ai.official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mind_sync

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