LUCRE perfect algorithm, best development for traders

Well, my dear, I came back. Blockchain Ninja has one cool project for you. Traders will be delighted. Since the project is for them. Now just the beginning of the ICO company, you can grab a 30% bonus. Talk to us today about the LUCRE project.

The cryptocurrency world consists of several things. Someone buys coins and holds them. And some against actively trading them on the stock exchange. Well, as traders should always be on the alert, they often make mistakes in this easy matter. Which leads to partial or complete loss of capital.

If I tell you that the project which I will present today is completely automatic. And I must make a profit for both a novice and a veteran of cryptocurrency trading.

Project Lucre

Lucre is a decentralized software that allows you to trade on a 24/7 exchange. All this is achieved through a unique algorithm that created the project developers. Now every investor can successfully complete transactions without special skills.
Fully automated process. Allows experienced traders to earn even when they are resting. The algorithm has no emotions and it closes transactions due to cold settlement.

A unique analysis algorithm allows you to calculate everything you need. No one person in the world is capable of this (perhaps only a genius).
You now have free time to enjoy life and let Lucre work for you.

About ICO details

Every investor is interested in the details of the project. Perhaps we start with them. PreICO is now passing 2018-10-15 - 2018-12-31 holding time. 47 days left. Lucre Token (LCR) On PreICO Price 1 LCR = 0.769 USD. In subsequent stages 1 LCR = 1 USD. Soft cap project 1.600.000 $ USD. Hardcap 7.000.000 $ USD


Pre-sale: $ 0.769 (30% Bonus)
Stage 1 of Main Token Sale: $ 0.83 (20% Bonus)
Stage 2 of Main Token Sale: $ 0.87 (15% Bonus)
Stage 3 of Main Token Sale: $ 0.91 (10% Bonus)
Stage 4 of Main Token Sale: $ 1.00 (No Bonus)

The project team


Great project. Able to make the market move up or earn even in a falling market. If the algorithm presented by the LUCRE project will work, I think many coin holders will start using it. Thanks for attention.


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