Custom Contract Network

The Custom Contract Network (CCN) delivers the World’s First complete smart contract services at one place resolving a serious inefficiency for the crypto world. It provide services in every sector where a smart contract is needed. Also Escrow is a service worth billions of dollars; real estate escrow services charge as much as 1-2% of the value of a property to hold onto purchase funds until a deal’s conditions have been met. These services can easily be replaced by smart contracts.There are multiple sectors where smart contracts could be utilized as their services.

About the Custom Contract Network
The custom contract network (CCN) is a smart contract service provider company, which provides cost effective solutions for smart contract development and auditing. The aim is to provide customized, open source and reliable, smart contracts based on protocols of Ethereum Blockchain to accomplish the need of user with complete security to protect users tokens, or data stored on smart contract.

The smart contract can be used to develop various pobjectives such as:

Detection of Fraudulent
Health Care Management
Financial Sectors
User’s Blood group Management
Sequence based games creation
Sequence based Order Management
Family Tree Management
Patent of Songs, Compositions, Instrumental, Artist, etc.
Real Estate for the purpose of Registry

How Does CCN Work?
The systematic approach is followed to complete the task of development and auditing that help us to speed up the whole process. Before work is started over the project, your project goes under various analyses to ensure best outcome.
There are various applications of Blockchain such as:

Electronic Voting Machine
Fraud Detection
Insurance Claim Processing
International Payments
Internet of Things
Product Manufacturing and Delivery
The Custom Contract Network is an open source Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 protocol based token which can be utilized to take the services of CCN (Custom Contract Network) and its partner companies. It will be on various exchanges for trading and utility purposes.

Many token holders require to share their tokens to more than one wallet that could be a stressful process to distribute one by one to each wallet if the numbers will take more power, electricity, transaction fee, manpower, manageability and carefulness. To reduce this resource consuming process, a smart contract based over ERC20 protocol of Ethereum Blockchain will be introduce to allow upto 241 internal transfers in one transaction. The procedure will not only reduce the fundamental issues as well as it will reduce the gas requirement resulting reduced gas cost or less money for higher number of transfers packaged in one transaction.

A custom smart contract in simple words is a program based over your ideas. A custom smart contract could make it possible to accomplish your dream over Blockchain and it may include all feasible functionality that you require. The custom contract network has best team of developers that has expertise in the field of Blockchain and Smart Contract to accomplish your basic to advance needs.

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