CBNT - A Decentralized Professional Content Sharing platform!

Hello everyone, on this good occasion I will introduce the CBNT Project and to find out the benefits of the CBNT Project, here are the reviews:

CBNT is a decentralized professional content sharing community based on blockchain technology and an ecosystem model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content). In the beginning, we will focus on blockchain and professional financial investment content. CBNT will create a win-win ecosystem for all participants, including content/articles providers, content readers (viewer), ad publishers, and token holders.

The CBNT team aims to change the conventional business model of content platforms and let every participant benefit from CBNT. Adopting the “participating is mining” model, CBNT will issue tokens, which represents rights on the platform. CBNT will focus on blockchain information and financial and investment fields which are highly related to the token economy system too. Content generators, viewers, and communicatorscan mine CBNT tokens by posting content, sharing, commenting, and liking etc. on the CBNT platform.

All participants in this ecosystem can get 100% corresponding rights and benefits, thus to achieve a win-win system of "content, traffic, and advertising."

Moreover, In the CBNT community, whether you are content generators or content viewers, both sides can receive tokens “Mining Rewards”. As CBNT grows and traffic boosts, all the profit of numerous ads will also be distributed to all of the participants.

In the future, the CBNT community is an open and transparent organization with a token representing all rights to the platform. Each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making voting, other activities, and finally, achieve group wisdom decision-making. All data are publicly and transparently recorded on the blockchain, thus achieving the establishment of a distributed community organization.

CBNT will be built as a token economy system that fully complies with the rules of the free market economy; every individual who has contributed to others can benefit from it financially, thus solving the following problems faced by the traditional internet content ecosystems:

Reduced content quality caused by the attention economy.
Content creators spend time creating content and provide value for the platform while ultimately transforming their
work for the benefit of the platforms’ profit model.
Content viewers and communicators can’t share the financial value that the content generated. and many more
If our project attracts your interest, please see the details of the Token below:

Token Allocation

As CBNT is a proof of platform ecosystem, CBNT token holders can enjoy rights on the platform, like revenue sharing, supervision, voting etc. The total supply of CBNT is 10 billion, and it will never be overissued. There are two ways to obtain CBNT: one is mining, and the other is to trade from the exchange.

The distribution mechanism of the tokens are as follows:

Road Map

March 2018
CBNT project start-up; preparation for the business rules, process design, and communication with content creators, etc.

Sep. 2018
listing of CBNT Beta version; invite community members to form a beta team and complete a system test.

Oct. 2018
listing CBNT 1.0 version, available for IOS and Android users.

Sep. 2019
Gradually achieve group wisdom decision-making, and establish a self-operated distributed community with ecosystem co-construction, community co-governance, and revenue sharing, and in which each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making activities, etc.

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