Bitcoin in Canada - Hits $1739 (High) $CAD today - 3-6-2017 - Ongoing Update Series - Short Form Post (+ LiteCoin rises a bit)

Low-- $1720

High-- $1739 - as of 9:15 pm EST.

I don't think nor have I seen really anyone else posting about BTC in Canada other than me, in general, so I try to keep people updated a bit. I know Canada doesn't attract a lot of votes or attention etc -- but it remains a global market and a canary in the mineshaft so to speak as to what's going on in the global currency markets.

In related news, have you seen this week's modest gains for both ETC and ETH??? And same for LiteCoin as they are in SegWit vote still -- now at about 20% approval still. I am glad to see these things.

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Bitcoin - 18J6RRuzX4V7b2CDbx7tWZYNBLkkGWsvWX

DASH - XgZvsvSZgPkNbmGbRhc3S1Pt2JAc7QHwiS

Monero - d8ecb02c09f70ec10504b59b96bc1f488af28b05933893dfd1f55b113e23fbff

Ethereum - 0x3Ad69Ff057C9533ca667B2d7E3E557F5eeFd4477

Ethereum Classic (ETC) - 0x5ab2b08d4ce8d454eb9d1ecc65c6d8b0c5f9784c

LiteCoin - LKdsnvSXk9JW99EiNicFMGKc1FXiBo9tUE

Stratis (STRAT) - SNsJp6v1jXvKWy4XcXSXfNQ9zhSJJppJgv

Synereo (AMP) - 1KnrL6wFHaT4gjJ2YJ5f6WmKTDJNsaBS8s

Expanse (EXP) - 0x819b9cce8630ab638198eabfd7496786c20d629a

ZCash (ZEC) - t1aCPEYELkGaf3GtgGTiCEDo7XfPm4QEwmL

Sorry if I cannot get to replies right away

I am English, I am in Canada.

I found it as a member of Steem where I am established there as a blogger / author -

I heard of this many months ago, that it would be launched and decided to come visit and see the site etc

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It is canadian dollar I guess?

07.03.2017 06:11

Yes. $CAD

20.03.2017 06:09


07.03.2017 07:20

Excellent information dear friend @barrydutton thanks for sharing

11.03.2017 22:07