ValueCash ICO


ValueCash is an Open Ledger Technology. It will be used basically for Commerce, Escrow and Exchange. ValueCash is a blockchain solution that is fast enough to process transactions on an immutable, decentralized ledger in a way that supports near-instant responsiveness for Internet-and-mobile based software. It will be based on Proof-of-Trade (PoT) and Proof of Stake (PoS) system (or protocol, or function) which will be an economic measure to deter denial of service attacks and other service abuses such as spam on the valuecash network by requiring some Trade Proof from the service requester.

Our Mission is to give the community direct and easy access to discounts and rewards opportunities in the Sectors mentioned above. The VALUECASH ecosystem is based on the concept of “The Proof of Trade”, which utilizes the collective Validation of Traders rather than that of Individual Miner.


ValueCash as a cryptocurrency is designed with the concept of the PoT Protocol which empowers people to earn while they spend. With this, people will be encouraged to work harder and smarter. People will have more spending money and greater freedom of choice will take its shape among mankind.
ValueCash Creation and Distribution
If a Buyer patronizes a Merchant of goods worth 100 XVL, 10% of the transaction Volume which is 10 XVL, will be created as new ValueCash, it will be distributed among the Buyer, Merchant, Affiliate and Blockchain Security and Project Development in the ratio 5:2:1:2 respectively and added to the current ValueCash supply.
This means that Buyers get 50% of the New Coin, Merchants get 20%,Affiliates get 10% while 20% goes to the Security of ValueCash BlockChain Network, Future Development and Marketing.

ValueCash Platform
ValueCash on the Escrow Platform, this will be one of the many developments that will allow for trust to be established in the online sphere. The ValueCash Escrow Platform will work by placing people ValueCash collections in our control as an Independent Trusted Dispute Settler or Third Party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction. ValueCash Escrow Platform is set to minimize possible chances of deception as an Independent Trusted Dispute Settler or Third Party that collects, keeps and release the collections of ValueCash in tune with what the Buyer and Seller decree.

ValueCash Escrow Protection in Reception :

Exchange Highlights

  • Exchanges Fees will be paid in Value Cash
  • Low Trading Fee of 0.1%
  • Low Wuthdrawal Fee
  • 50% of the Trading Fee will be allocated as Invitation Bonus
  • 50% will go to the Value Cash Exchange
  • Decentralized Exchange (To come up in the future)
  • Escrow Exchange for Fiat Currency

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