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Galaxy eSolutions integrates blocking and evolution into a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform, thus solving some pain points in the preowned and refurbished multi-billion electronics industry.
The mission of Galaxy eSolutions is to continue the environment of
sustainability by leveraging decentralized, pre-owned
and updated ecommerce ecosystems designed to
promote joint and circular economies.

Advantages of Galaxy eSolutions
Galaxy eSolutions, Limited is a Global Cross business that will be a Market Leader in Consumer Electronics Sector Pre-owned and Refurbished. Galaxy eSolutions is headquartered in Hong Kong and has our eyes on the Global Marketplace. Among his achievements include:
▪ Achieve nearly 2 million USD monthly sales within 9 months.
▪ Reach the monthly operating break-even point in August 2017.
▪ Projected to achieve sales of 20 million USD in 2018.
▪ Exclusive partnership with Apple and Samsung repair plants licensed in the bonded zone of Indonesia.

Galaxy eSolutions has advantages in several areas, including:
Galaxy eSolutions uses their own brands to build consistent consumer expectations across products. This will encourage repeat purchases as customers realize that Galaxy eSolutions is a trusted rejuvenation provider
Galaxy eSolutions emphasizes lower costs through control at every stage of the restoration process. They have a repair factory, and they process all the retail transactions themselves. This means they control the price and quality
Speed ​​to Market
Galaxy eSolutions promises to get consumer electronics to the market faster than its competitors. Because the company controls the entire supply chain, the company fully controls all necessary processes before reaching the market. Galaxy eSolutions does not need to wait for third party suppliers or third-party restoration company.
Galaxy eSolutions has a 13-month warranty for all electronics sold through their restoration program, an inimitable warranty for professionally updated appliances.
GES Token Offering and Returns
Token Offering
Token symbol: GES
Token Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystem for services and products.
Token users receive a 5% token-back reward on purchases at the end of every month.
Maximum supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH per token).
Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH
Hardcap: 20,000 ETH



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