Bloomzed — Mobile Financial Assistant



Bloomzed is a Platform that focuses on providing and developing universal and multifunction AI assistants, which can be directly used on devices such as gadgets, tablets, terminals, internet equipment, smartphones, ATMs, and computers. People can directly use Bloomzed as their own financial assistant, who can manage and manage all financial flows, plan, invest, give, store, lend and obtain financing or loans directly from Bloomzed. Bloomzed will be integrated directly into all existing financial instruments, and Bloomzed will arrange everything for you.

The team from Bloomzed developed this platform using a high-tech software system, enabling a large number of software to be integrated directly with Bloomzed through the API. Bloomzed supports a mobile payment system that supports NFC transactions. Bloomzed also issued a cloud payment feature called Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System. Transactions made by Users will be safeguarded and speed, since Bloomzed uses an integrated and integrated system. Bloomzed provides a complex encryption, which will safeguard and encrypt User data, so the confidentiality of the transactions and data you have will be well preserved.


Bloomzed believes that with a solid and dependable team and system, Bloomzed can provide Users, a Smart and Strong Digital Assistant System, and provide Users with diverse benefits and conveniences that facilitate their financial transactions and financial planning. Team Bloomzed also believes that with systematic and professional development, Team Bloomzed can build a better platform than similar platforms.



With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “BZT Token ”, here is the data.



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