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What is Vertex?
Vertex is a whole ecosystem that is designed to invest in ICO projects. For this purpose, a token is provided that will combine trading, venture capital investments and fair value. Therefore, a whole financial ecosystem is created that can provide high quality and the most successful choice for investment through its own platform. The platform itself includes an ICO valuation service in its structure, with which investors have a chance to generate profit and additional resources to attract capital to projects

Benefits of Vertex.

-All those who wish to participate in ICO projects and are ready to invest certain funds, are provided with analytical facts about the campaign. From these facts, the investor makes a conclusion whether it is worth investing in the project. Unsuccessful projects are not verified by Vertex.
-Also, investors have the opportunity to more successfully enter the project, thanks to early capital investment, which leads to preferential pricing.
-Every project that has successfully passed the analysis from Vertex experts can receive early investors. Also in the database Vertex stores data about users who are willing to invest their money in the project and have already passed KYC, which speeds up the investment process at times.
-Vertex Ecosystem offers to use its six-stage system for evaluating ICO-projects. The project under consideration is a benchmark for the quality of fundraising campaigns. In the Vertex ecosystem, only high-quality projects are present.

Vertex platform.

At the moment, the project has an MVP, which is in the alpha stage. But after a short period of time, the platform will go to the beta phase. The following components of the Vertex platform should be highlighted.
OTC status;
Decentralization is the lack of information stored on the server;
News column;
Project ratings are freely available;
Recent events on the platform;
Successful projects are listed in the pot.


Vertex Token Information

The serious excitement of the Vertex project has also caused curiosity about the token. The token shown by the VTEX symbol is one of the lumbar bones of the progeny. Users have the possibility to receive this crypt money.
The possibilities offered by Vertex provide a very serious convenience. In this regard, it is wondered what kind of benefits people will gain and how successful they will be.
Token Symbol: VTEX
Token Asking Price: 1 VTEX = 0.31 USD
Platform Type: Ethereum ERC-20 Based
Token Purchasing Managers: ETH, BTC
Minimum Investment Amount How much ?: 50 USD
Soft cap Quantity: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap Quantity : 44,700,000 USD
Placement: Iceland

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:
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Twitter Address:
Facebook Address: https: //
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