Siglo Platform - The Blockchain Protocol for Digital & Financial Inclusion

What is Siglo ?

Siglo is the future of mobile transactions and connectivity in high-growth markets, where increased access to networks is paid for by brand sponsors. Siglo is a catalyst for digital and financial inclusion.

Siglo Protocol

In emerging markets, increased access to cellular connectivity is undeniably creating new economic opportunities. We look forward to empower smartphone users in this market by removing barriers that previously prevented them from participating in the digital economy.
Siglo will also offer brand scalable solutions to connect with customers in some of the fastest growing markets in the world. Transactional deductions of ecosystem benefits from unchanged and auditable textbooks on Ethereum block, including brand transactions, user transactions and user-to-user transactions. By tokenizing access to mobile airtime, Siglo will be able to facilitate increased access of unadvantaged users to the network through the creation of decentralized mobile network creation.

Siglo Token

With the providence of free top ups at large scale the siglo protocol launched its token which helps people tocommunicate and connect brands and providers who are giving reward to the consumers by connectivity that is done in the return of engagement.The launch of this token expands the sigloplatformthat will tokenize access to airtime and also enhances the siglo’s ecosystem in new and old markets. When the base of the uses increases, the platform’s data becomes more robust in nature and so the demand for brand as well as engagement increases.
Siglo token and data connectivity coins:
Balancing the volatility of this free floating token is a big challenge for the token economy of the platform as the need of user-facing currency in markets and also the cost of advertisement and airtime is different in different markets. This problem is solved by siglo by having two tiers:
• Limited number of token will be distributed in the participants as well as in markets
• Reward coin is fixedto local market product pricing in the siglo application.
When a new user is come on the platform, a new wallet is created where the coins can be stored. These wallet accounts are governed and established by using smart contract and taking it as a part of siglo protocol.
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