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Review ICO VidyCoin - Decentralized Ad Network. +16 million already raised!+

Introducing Vidy

Vidy is the first decentralized video ad distributor that embeds video ads behind the text of web pages via an NLP consensus-layer.

Vidy is a blockchain based project which is a decentralized video ad platform which is providing a solution to publishers and distributors. The platform incentivizes users based on the time spent for watching the ad and the publishers based on the impressions created. The publishers and users are rewarded in terms of Vidy coins and thus the advertiser can directly connect with the publisher through this platform.
Vidy will create an invisible layer which will embed the video ads inside the text page. Thus, the users have the choice to view the relevant ad while reading a text page.

The VIDY Ecosystem

Vidy’s ad placement mechanism is a proprietary open-source NLP protocol, run by miners, that automatically places video ads on a massive scale into the hyper-relevant text of millions of publisher pages.


Q1 2018
-Build on 2017 infrastructure
-Assemble Advisor Team
-Finish the demo product
-Prepare for ICO
Q2 2018
-Conduct the Vidy ICO
-Beta launch platform
-Pilot with Publishers
-Refine Ad platform
Q3 2018
-Expand indexed sites
-Unveil OTP in production
-Release Control Dashboards
-Integrate blockchain pieces
Q4 2018
-Launch 10 web hooks
-Grow database of Vidys
-Acquire 100 top advertisers
-Launch user data containers
Q1 2019
-Launch V1 of the platform
-Index 1 million publisher pages
-Release full dashboard
-Finalize NLP consensus layer
Q2 2019
-Unveil V1 of blockchain
-Launch Miner-driven protocol
-Index 10 million publisher pages
-Expand on all web properties

Token Sale

Token – Vidy Coin
Softcap – 15,000 ETH
Hardcap – 60,000 ETH
Pre- ICO And ICO – TBA
Token Price for Pre ICO – 0.00001673 ETH
Token Price for ICO - 0.00002229 ETH
Token for sale - 5 200 000 000 VIDY
Token supply - 10 000 000 000 VIDY

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White paper:

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