REMCO Project Overview

REMCO ( Remittance Utility Token ) is the World's First Powerful Distributed Token-Generating Platform for Money Transfer. The REMCO Token Generating Platform’s APIs to allow any licensed money transmitter to mint programmable Tokens to move value and leverage distributed ledger advantages at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation to all transaction stakeholders. Our Token is Jurisdiction and Money Transmission Flow Agnostic. Meaning it works with the existing model.

REMCO is a platform to enable each licensed money transmitter to programmed tokens that can be programmed to move values and take advantage of ledger excellence at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation for all transaction stakeholders.

Token REMCO Remittance connects senders and recipients of money similar to the way cellphones connect two people. The REMCO platform provides infrastructure, pipelines, enabling money transfer companies globally to print and customize their own Tokens on a revolutionary open source platform designed for speed, compliance and transparency.

REMCO Remittance Tokens use revolutionary money transmission tokens with an open source platform that allows global money transfer companies to mint and customize their own Tokens


Remco ICO Distribution
-Total tokens for sale 65%
-Founders Team & Advisors 15%
-Marketing 5%
-Business Partners 5%
-Reserve 10%
-Operational Expenses 15%
-Marketing/Sales 25%
-Research and Development 40%
-Legal and compliance 10%
-Reserves 10%

Token info
Total supply: REMCO
Available supply: 1.300.000.000 REMCO
Hard Cap: 60.000.000 USD
Soft cap: 6.000.000 USD
Token price: 0.08 USD per REMCO
Start Presale: TBA
Start Public Sale : TBA

In case you have any questions or would like to join, all official sources of the project I will leave Below:
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