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This innovation looks to transmute wagering standards all through the business. The wagering business has dependably been founded on "house edge" – the rule that the club or coordinator dependably has the propitious position. With the approach of blockchain innovation, there is not any more any requisite for coordinators – individuals can wager without delegates and claim their rewards without paying commission.
By propelling Neogame, we are kick-beginning this procedure of change and are certain that after some time, the astronomical majority of the ecumenical wagering industry will embrace the non-benefit exhibit. The Neogame venture remains rather than conventional lotteries, and we require to demonstrate the world how blockchain can turn into a distinct advantage.
The development of online gambling only worsens the problem as games become more accessible. The advertisements and intrusive customer service rendered by casino operators make it difficult to fight the addiction, and strive to continually drag problem gamers back into the game.
According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, 1% of the US population suffers from a pathological dependence on gambling, and up to 3% can be said to be problem gamers.
Problem gamers are a major source of money in the industry, and this will continue as long as gambling remains a profitable business.
Non-profit blockchain gambling projects will gradually be able to squeeze profit-driven operators out of the market. Once the gaming industry moves to a decentralized, non-profit model, games will become more humane - if the game does not make money, no party operator will be interested in pursuing addicted gamers.
TKT Tokens :
Token determinations The lottery will utilize its own cryptographic mazuma - Ticket Token (TKT) – which depends on the Ethereum blockchain. Ticket Token is an utility token that has the accompanying 3 capacities: 1) A lottery ticket. A player purchases tokens, picks a coalescence of numbers by denotes of a decentralized application, and sends tokens to the lottery's keen contract. 2) A benefit making up some portion of the prize pool. The prize pool comprises of Ticket tokens, and all prizes are denominated in TKT. The prize pool is unstable to indistinguishable degree from the tokens themselves, which takes into account scaling the span of the immensely colossal stake should the tokens increment in cost. 3)A tradable cryptoasset with unsurprising swapping scale changes. TKT will be recorded on cryptographic currency trades, and its esteem is required to be capricious and subject to the impacts of traceable components.
TKT tokens are issued under the ERC20 standard, and are compatible with any wallet that supports Ethereum-based tokens. Tokens will have a limited supply of 500 million TKT. 400 million tokens will be offered for sale at a rate
of TKT 4,000 per ETH 1.
Funds will be collected in ETH on the token sale smart contract. According to the smart contract, if the soft cap is not reached, Ether funds collected will be returned to the wallets they were collected from.
Token info

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